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Being Intentional As a Dad with Work/Life Balance

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: | Author: for Creatives On Call

Corey Zinser with his wife and son.

My name is Corey Zinser and I work on the business development team as an Account Executive with Creatives On Call. I started with Creatives On Call, March of this year and have loved every minute of it!

I met my wife, Heather in December of 2010 and started dating shortly after that. A little after we started dating in 2010, we had the conversation about family, future, etc. One of the many things we both had in common and knew from very early on dating is that we wanted to get married young, be young parents and have 4 kids. We got married June of 2014 and we wanted to start having kids right away, but little did we know it would take us longer than we wanted with challenges we faced. In June of 2017, we found out that we were expecting out first, Michael James (MJ). MJ is 14 months and the happiest and outgoing kid ever! As of November 2018, we found out that we were expecting number 2! Yes, we are those parents that don’t find out the sex of the baby, we like the surprise!

One thing that I try very hard to be intentional about is balancing work and family as they are both very important to me. It was a lot harder until about 1 month ago since I coached 2 select soccer teams along with work, this made my time with my family very limited. Due to needing to spend time with my wife and MJ, our growing family and work, I have decided to step away from coaching for the time being. This will allow me to spend my nights and weekends, 100% with Heather and MJ. Being a father is one of the greatest gifts, I love being a role model to a little human and seeing him grow and learn.

If I had to share any advice with new fathers or men that want to be fathers is to be intentional. Be intentional about spending time with your kid(s), be intentional about spending time with your significant other, put the phones down and just be together.

As a huge soccer fan, the way I want to celebrate Father’s Day this year is to go to church with Heather and MJ, then go home and watch the US Women’s soccer game at noon. Father’s Day is a special day for many people that play the father figure whether it be a single mom, father figures, stepdads, biological dads and more, but what it truly means to me is to celebrate MJ making me a dad and spending time with him and my wife.

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