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Connecting with Corporate Buyers with Confidence

St. Louis, MO | Posted: 03/31/2017 | Author: April Koenig for Creatives On Call

Connecting with Corporate Buyers with Confidence

A heavy focus on women businesses and advancement programs for women remains in top headlines of the news and political circles.

Creatives On Call was asked to collaborate on a research project with Slice Communications & Cogberry Creative to examine the obstacles and barriers of women-owned businesses.  The question that stirred the project was:

Why are women owning more business today than they were in 2007, and yet are still not acquiring equal shares of business opportunities proportionately?  

The research findings were release at the March 2017 WBE Summit & Salute Conference.  The research title Solving the WBE Digital Disconnect: Connect to Corporate Buyers with Confidence speaks to what we believe is a major hurdle for many women business owners.

The 19-page research document analyzes the business development endeavors of women from several angles, but most comprehensively from the digital marketing and social media perspective.  It speaks clearly to an unspoken truth that needs to be articulated to all women business owners who have not leverage the power of digital marketing & advertising as a major tool for advancing their businesses.  As a woman-owned & operated business that specializes in managing a network of over 15,000 talented creative individuals nationally within the practices of digital, design, advertising, marketing and social media, I heartily recommend this as a beginning to an exploration on the subject matter.  I was fortunate enough to have the advantage of owning a business that afforded me advance knowledge in this area (and steady mentorship from my husband that owed an interactive technology firm for over 17 years); not all women have this opportunity or access to understanding the importance of utilizing these tools for the advancements of their businesses.

As you read through this study you will see the overwhelming disconnect of information surrounding the adequate communication of women's businesses in the digital realm. It is a strong and compelling argument as to why women business are struggling (other factors are noted as well), despite having solid business acumen in every other aspect. The study also offers an underlining call to action message to both women business owners to take this seriously and as well as for corporate buyers to understand the value of performing comprehensive corporate buyer research beyond just imploring a digital presence as the primary source of validation.

The compelling take away from this document is for all women business owners:

    • We all need to take on the responsibility to educate ourselves on producing better digital communications for our businesses;

   • We all must make the necessary business decisions to drive compelling digital marketing & social media for our businesses;

(and finally for all those who already know how important this area is to the growth of our sister's businesses…)

    • We should stand up and offer a helping hand to other women businesses who need guidance on understanding how to close the gaps of their digital disconnect.

Please share this study with any woman-owned business owner you know and/or corporate purchasing agent.

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