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Coronavirus: Artist Resource Guide

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Coronavirus: Artist Resource Guide

Hello Creatives!

Here it is - our Coronavirus message to you.  This is going to be a journey for us all – and we do not want to make light of nor do we want to create a sense of doom. We are here to help and communicate.

One of the great things about our business is that we are always working in the moment - situations such as the Coronavirus do not rattle Team Creatives On Call at all! Remote work and adapting to change within the work-space is what we do! We have you covered and will be on top of it to make this period as easy as possible for you.
We can assume that you have been keeping up with the conversations within the organization you are working; however sometimes remote and temporary workers are the last folks to be communicated with in these kinds of situations. We are taking proactive measures to communicate closely with you and the company clients alike to keep all lines open. 

We anticipate you might be asking yourself a few questions like:

Will there be a disruption to your pay? 
Nope. We manage all of our payroll process in the cloud so we can get this done without disruption. Fill out your timecards as usual and expect the same process of delivery to your bank accounts.

What should you do if your assignment hours or location have changed?  
We have reached out to your supervisor. We are asking about changes and are working with your supervisor to determine options to keeping a steady workflow for you and them. We will be reaching out to you with a plan -  if it becomes necessary. This may result in remote working – so if you have this capacity to do so let us know. Some organizations will have security issues to address but in many cases we will be able to keep this working.

What if no one has communicated with you on what to do and you have heard the company is closing or remote work will be happening – what should you do?  
Call or email us, if no one has communicated, we will get an answer for you.

What if your contact is out? 
We will reach out to all their support contacts within their organization to get information to you – we will address timecard approval issues and who are alternative approvers.

Will you be compensated for days that you should be working if the company suspends work?  
If an organization closes to preempt the spread of the virus, and you have had suspended because of it, and you are a w-2, you will be able to claim unemployment through Creatives On Call (1099 independent contractors cannot claim unemployment).

Can you work remote? 
If the client is up for it YES! And we will assist in any way we can to help make that a reality.

What if you feel sick? Or someone in your home becomes sick? 
Obviously - stay home, call us and let us know and we will allow unemployment claims for this instance. You will not be penalized.

What if you have daycare issues because of your child’s school closing?  
Call us and let us know, we may be able to work with the client to get you offsite work. You will not be penalized for this family leave need.

What if I’ve been exposed? 
Call us and let us know what the circumstances are and we’ll manage a plan accordingly. There are lots of variables with every situation, and it will require that each assignment be reviewed, considered and discussed with all parties. The best way for us to do that is to communicate directly with you one on one.  Reach out to your recruiter – they are here to help you navigate through this.

Often you will know more then we will in these circumstances and if you have not spoken with Creatives On Call please reach out to to make sure we have everything secure and buttoned up for you. We are reaching out to all of our clients and confirming their circumstances and needs for conducting business in the next few weeks. We will reach out to you and get that information. 

Stay safe, and join our community Slack channel for updates, jobs, and general creative community communication through this time.

Also, we have two resource lists circulating that could help. This one for companies, and this one for creatives.

April Koenig

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