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Create, Communicate, Cultivate

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 04/18/2018 | Author: April Koenig for Creatives On Call

Channing Blake Nuñez

Channing Blake Nuñez is a Cincinnati native and a graduate of Xavier University. Her college career focused on graphic design, marketing, and communications.  Her pursuits landed her a career in corporate communications at several CPG giants like P&G & KAO.  At Creatives On Call, she is utilizing her experiences, skills and interests in organizational development. She is a student of her craft, always learning from her experiences as well as formal education.  She currently is pursuing her master’s degree at Xavier University, focusing this time on executive human resource development, a perfect compliment to her position at Creatives On Call.

In her new role as Account Executive, Channing will call upon her knowledge of the creative industry and organizational development.  “She is an extremely committed professional and she knows that organizational development is dependent upon the relationships between the organization and their employees; many relationships are developed through networking and involvement.  And this fundamental truth of human development is the cornerstone to Channing’s belief system.” says April Koenig, CEO.  

“Great companies grow from within. I’m here to introduce creatives to clients and create relationships that will lead to everyone’s success,” says Channing.

Out of the office, Channing is actively involved in Cincinnati’s diversity initiatives and the Association for Talent Development.  You can usually find Channing on the tennis court or at the dog park with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Piper and Madeline.

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