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Determining Your Rate - Why You're Worth It!

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When I gradated from college a few years ago with a B.A. in Communications, I had no idea where to start in terms of compensation and salary. I have been working hourly jobs since I was 14, so the numbers behind salary range and all those zeros looked attractive no matter what they were! I was inexperienced in negotiations and did not understand my skillset’s value to a company. However, after working with Creatives On Call as a creative candidate in 2017, I was instantly informed of my worth, my value and what a realistic salary expectation for my level of experience was. Creatives On Call helped me see my education, technological experience, and intangible life skills as valuable and empowered me to ask for what I deserved. 

Now as a Creatives On Call Recruiter, I work with creative candidates at all levels every day. The truth is, it’s not just recent graduates or junior marketing professionals that struggle with the question—What is your desired salary range for your next step?—but everyone! Especially women. 

As a woman, I naturally attend a lot of women-centered networking events throughout St. Louis. (Check out my previous blog for some of my favorites here.) Many of these events are focused on empowering women to believe in their abilities and also provide mentorship opportunities for more junior professionals. From these events and hundreds of conversations with candidates, I have noticed a large pay expectation discrepancy among female and male candidates. In fact, according to HoneyBook, the average compensation of female creative professionals is 32% less than male creative professionals. The average national hourly wage for female creatives is $10/hour with the average hourly wage for males being $25/hour. That’s a hefty gap. The average hourly rate of a Creatives On Call candidate is closer to that $25-35/hour range with the average salary being $70k+ depending on experience. As your advocate and Creatives On Call Recruiter, we will always tackle this challenge on your behalf! 

It is incredibly difficult to figure out what salary to ask for, but know that it is up to you to base it entirely on your skills and what you have to offer. Do your research to help your confidence levels. Have numbers and statistics to back yourself when asking for more or knowing your value. There are so many resources including LinkedIn, Glassdoor and your Creatives On Call Recruiter. Plus, we created a Salary Guide just for you! In order to view it, login to your Creatives On Call profile or register as an Artist. We work with clients throughout the nation and are well-informed on the going rates for specific skillsets and jobs so trust us when we say you are worth more.

As a women-owned company, Creatives On Call strives to best inform you of your worth based on your skillset and what you have to offer an organization. Your skills matter. Your hard work matters! Remember that next time you get asked what salary range you are looking for in a job. Reframe the negative thoughts and low expectations. Be confident in yourself and your worth. The power is in your hands when negotiating—so make it work for you!

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