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From Ice Cream to World Domination - Meet Matt Barnes!

Posted: 02/15/2021 | Author: Jim Lochner for Creatives On Call | Tags: Creatives On Call News

From Ice Cream to World Domination - Meet Matt Barnes!

We’re excited to introduce our new Sales Manager, Matt Barnes! As the head of our incredible sales team, Matt will spearhead exciting new partnerships for our clients and consultants.

Matt comes to COC after walking what he calls “the razor’s edge of creative/business guy” throughout his career. From event producer and sales (where he helped a small ice cream company grow by 300%!) to starting an experiential agency and eventually becoming a consultant helping brands develop sales strategies and leadership techniques, he “can speak the lingo on both sides.”

And now he has big plans for his new gig. “My biggest goals are, well, world domination,” he jokes. “But seriously, I want to grow the COC brand into a serious competitor in the marketplace over the next five years. I'd like to have a dominant presence in the Fortune 100 client list and be the first place creatives think to turn when looking for their next project.” 

Matt and his wife Jocelyn have a “big blended family” with two teenage boys and a year-and-a-half-old daughter. A creative himself, Matt makes art in his free time and has taught graphic design to high school kids. He also loves to cook and bike, and has a line of greeting cards, stickers, and puzzles. (Now you know who to hit up for Mother’s Day or your next game night!) 

Welcome aboard, Matt! Looking to get in touch with Matt to help you re-vamp your creative team for your business? Feel free to reach out at or by text at 614-330-0598.


This is a time for marketers to step up to the challenge and get creative in meeting current demands and behavior changes. Creatives On Call supports your business through this. Contact us here.  We have Marketing professionals ready to start in areas including:

• Strategy & Advisory

• Design and Production

• Content Creation & Management

• Customer Engagement & Experience

• Learning & Knowledge Management

• Digital Technology & Transformation

Learn more here.

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