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Hey! Creatives On Call has a New Look!

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New Creatives On Call Logo Symbol

Introducing our new mark. Our creative community made up of 15,000 creatives across the country is the inspiration for our theme THRIVE WHILE YOU STRIVE. 

In the coming months you will see and begin to feel the transformation of our brand and this new look. This is an exciting journey for our staff who represent everything you want us to be. 

We started this journey last year, when we gathered an amazing group of creatives - some creatives currently working with us, some we are dying to be working with, some who want to work with us but haven't had a chance and some of our tried and true long timers. We packed them into a room, gave them some food and libations and then picked their brains for hours about how they felt about us; what they liked and didn't like about working with us, what they want more from us and most of all how can we serve them better. We learned so much and humbly realized that we were doing a lot of things right and that our hard work was appreciated by the creative community. I personally was overwhelmed to hear that all that we have always strived to do in service to the creatives was clearly felt by the creatives - well by those that we know personally, but also learned that outwardly we look like other similar consultancy. So this rebrand is all about shining a light on our staff's incredible super powers lifting up the talents of the creative community and serving them. Shining bright enough that those who have never worked with us or experienced the Creatives On Call way of building relationships will want to join our community. A community of creatives committed to our company motto "Thrive While You Strive". We want them to feel the power of team work without abandoning themselves and their goals - whether it is to grow their career, build a strong portfolio, experience new things, meet new people or live life on their terms with their own freelance business. 

I'm so very proud to unveil to you our brand expression of Creatives On Call's - inspired by the creative community! 

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