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How Evaluating & Sharing Strengths Can Make a Smoother Transition Back to the Office

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How Evaluating & Sharing Strengths Can Make a Smoother Transition Back to the Office

You’ve pulled off the impossible to pivot your short-term marketing plan for COVID-19. But what about the long-term now that you are back at the office? Creatives On Call has a broad range of professionals who can be ready to get your new marketing-thinking done fast.


People everywhere are headed back to the office as states reopen from temporary closure. For some, the transition from the office to working from home was difficult. The transition back to working in an office environment is just as challenging.

Communication is much different from working virtually versus in the office. Operating in your core strengths in your role may not translate through a screen the same as it does in person. As you head back to the office, it would be beneficial to evaluate your strengths and the strengths of your team.

Creatives On Call uses the CliftonStrengths Test (formerly known as StrengthFinders) which is one of the many popular personal development tests. It’s helped us evaluate our team’s strengths, which has promoted collaboration and team building. We believe using it can help your organization come back together after months of separation.

What is the CliftonStrengths Test?

The CliftonStrengths test is an assessment developed by Gallup for personal development and working well with others. It is a 177 question test and has 34 themes that fall into four categories: Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing, and Executing.

After completing the assessment, it identifies a person’s Top 5 strengths under the four different themes. The test is designed to bring out individual talents, focusing on what’s right with people.

Don Clifton, wrote in his book, talents are the way you naturally behave, think, and feel. When a person spends time developing his or her talents they turn into strengths.

How Can You Use CliftonStrengths?

CliftonStrengths can be applied by individuals, managers, and teams. Gallup states that people who have the opportunity to use their CliftonStrengths are 6x as likely to strongly agree they do what they do best every day. It helps people maximize their potential by tapping into what they are naturally gifted at.

Managers can use CliftonStrengths by getting people into the right roles. This has been shown to lower attrition by a minimum of 20%. Managers that assign tasks and projects to people by their strengths result in higher productivity and increased employee engagement.

Strengths-based development helps teams to understand each other better and champion their teammate’s talents. Everybody wins when teams leverage each other’s strengths.

Why Evaluating Strengths is Important in Going Back to the Office

The isolation of working from home these past months has thrown off normal rhythms. It is easy to get tunnel vision and forget the resources you have in your teammates.

People’s talents and skills may not be as top of mind as they would be when you see them demonstrated in the office. This is why it’s a good time to revisit your strengths and the strengths of your team as you prepare for the new working environment. Especially an environment that may be stressful - check out our blog on how managers can support positive employee mental health. 


Evaluating your strengths can help you reconnect with others. Connecting has been difficult these past few months working separately from co-workers. Technology has helped, but it’s just not the same as meeting in person.

CliftonStrengths provides a common language and way people can connect that is empowering and fosters collaboration. We could all use a boost in positivity during this time. What better way than to focus on what’s good about ourselves and others.

Increase Efficiency

People are motivated when they are operating at their best using their unique giftings. This increases efficiency. It also helps teams gain alignment on projects. By identifying what your co-workers are good at, you can leverage their passions and delegate tasks they will thrive in. 

Projects get completed faster. When people work on assignments that are exciting to them it is contagious. And they prioritize accomplishing projects because they truly enjoy the work.

Improve Self-Awareness and Understanding of Others

The more self-aware you are the better you will be at relationships. Self-awareness is important for successful communication. When you understand yourself better, you know how you work best with others. You can communicate it to them, fostering a better relationship. 

On the flip side, sharing strengths helps us to understand others and how they operate. It’s a two-way street that leads to smoother collaboration all the way around.

Team building is essential for a seamless transition going back to working with people in an office setting. After months of being apart, evaluating and sharing strengths by using a personal development assessment like CliftonStrengths can bring unity, efficiency, and forge stronger relationships. We’ve listed some resources and exercises your team can do using CliftonStrengths.

Resources & Exercises

In addition to evaluating strengths, getting back to the office means you are also getting your marketing and hiring back on track. Reach out today and we'll get you set up for success quick. 

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