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Maintaining Client Relationships

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 07/20/2018 | Author: April Koenig for Creatives On Call

Maintaining Client Relationships

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any good freelance artist. Freelancers work hard to build a network of clients to partner with, and maintaining those relationships isn’t always easy. It takes effort to keep what you’ve built, but that strong client base is what will determine success and growth for the future. Here are a few tips for maintaining those relationships with existing clients.

Open Dialogue – Communication is the way above all others to maintain good relations with clients. Keep in regular contact, updating them on new skills acquired and trends you feel might be important. Let them know you’re thinking about their business needs, and they’ll be more likely to think about how you can meet them. Whether social media, email, or face to face – communication is key.

Become Indispensable – Be the go-to freelancer for your client. Showcase the expertise and ability to not only perform the current task, but other projects you know your client will need to complete. Your knowledge can be a valuable resource, and providing guidance in a variety of areas will be something clients take note of.

Be A Professional – One of the easiest ways to maintain relationships with clients is to be known for positives, not negatives. Make sure you meet deadlines, and even beat them when possible. Be the example of an artist that over-delivers, is prepared and engaged in meetings, and presents themselves in a manner that makes a client take note. It only takes one bad impression to turn off clients. Don’t give them an excuse to look elsewhere.

Welcome Feedback – Feedback can be a touchy subject but it’s needed to get a client point of view on your performance. You should welcome it, even when it’s not what you’re expecting to hear. You can’t turn around a dissatisfied client unless you know what can be improved upon. Some of the best relationships with clients have started on somewhat shaky ground, and no partnership is too far gone to salvage when you’re both on the same page.

Be Yourself – You want to be an asset, but don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Know your abilities, and present them honestly. If you misrepresent yourself to clients, they’ll figure it out quickly and the relationship will sour. However, an honest representation of your skillset will let clients know what they can depend on, building a trust between client and artist. This open interaction can develop and maintain valuable, rewarding partnerships with clients.

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