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Meet Azurdi Swehla!

Posted: 07/21/2021 | Author: Kathryn Sturm for Creatives On Call | Tags: Industry News

Meet Azurdi Swehla!

Creatives On Call is excited to introduce our newest Client Advisor. 

Meet Azurdi Swehla! 

Azurdi assists our clients in various industries by identifying opportunities to provide exceptional creative services while assisting the efficiency of marketing teams. She looks beyond the surface for inspiration to creatively solve problems. Azurdi has gained both agency and client experience in her previous roles, B2B consulting for design, and B2C consulting for development and marketing in the areas of tech, consumer products and apparel/accessories. These are all areas Azurdi thrives in.

Azurdi has two teenage girls, a dashing husband and a dog named Olive. They enjoy entertaining guests with food, wine, and bourbon pairings. They especially love using friends as the subject matter to gain a little consumer insight! 

Her work-life integration works well for her as she cross pollinates entities with the positive experiences of each. Creatives On Call is excited to have Azurdi!

To reach Azurdi Swehla, you can contact her at 314-818-9241 or email her at


This is a time for marketers to step up to the challenge and get creative in meeting current demands and behavior changes. Creatives On Call supports your business through this. Contact us here.  We have Marketing professionals ready to start in areas including:

• Strategy & Advisory

• Design and Production

• Content Creation & Management

• Customer Engagement & Experience

• Learning & Knowledge Management

• Digital Technology & Transformation

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