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Past Webinar: How Market Research Makes You More Creative

Posted: 08/27/2020 | Author: Kathryn Sturm for Creatives On Call | Tags: Past Webinars

Past Webinar: How Market Research Makes You More Creative

Please see the Vimeo link for full recording of the webinar below.

In this next webinar, we're talking marketing! Specifically, market research! "Market research" can strike fear into the hearts of creatives. Will my unique, one-of-a-kind idea be focus grouped to death, left unrecognizable and ineffective? This webinar will reveal the "secrets" behind market research techniques, teach you to embrace market research findings and show you how to use it to do your best work. 

Doug Keith has more than 25 years of experience in market research, having run his own consulting business for more than a decade. He also has a creative background, starting out as a producer in public radio, and currently writes screenplays and directs short films and documentaries.

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