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Past Webinar: Positioning Your Website Services as an Investment

Posted: 06/25/2020 | Author: Kathryn Sturm for Creatives On Call | Tags: Past Webinars

Past Webinar: Positioning Your Website Services as an Investment

Please see the Vimeo link for full recording of the webinar below.

In our next Artists as Experts Webinar, Creatives On Call artist, Georgia Kaye will be discussing the importance of positioning your website services as an investment to prospective clients, versus an expense. She will also discuss various ways of how to provide value throughout a website project, and tips for showcasing value through case studies and testimonials. 

Discussed in this webinar:

• Setting a foundation for success by creating boundaries within your business

- Who do you work with, and how do you help them? 

- Who do you not work with, and what services do you not offer?

- What are your non-negotiables?

• Truly getting to know what a prospective client needs and what success looks like to them, and leading discovery calls with value before price

• Designing websites from a strategy-first perspective, and the importance of client education and empowerment from start to finish when working together

• Tips on creating valuable case studies, and gathering action-oriented testimonials from prior clients

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