You Are Invited to Thrive While You Strive

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You Are Invited to Thrive While You Strive

I’m so excited about introducing Kristen Zavo to our creative community. I sat down to breakfast last December to chat with her about having her help us bring some value to our creative community.  Within about :10 I was in engaged in a full-blown convo about my dreams and desires to grow our community. And why? She asked me all kinds of questions – you know the ones that you ask yourself quietly … and rarely answer yourself because you are too busy or overwhelmed to dig that deep into your own brain and heart to figure out. The interesting part of the whole experience was that she held me accountable for answering her – literally stared me down while I nervously tried to distract myself with the stack of pancakes in front of me. She was unrelenting; my polite scoffs were not received. It was a slightly uncomfortable breakfast, but it solidified to me that many of our independent and incredibly successful freelancers are without an unrelenting accountability partner to help guide them towards harnessing or capitalizing on their passions. Searching for joy in your work-life is serious business.

Job Joy, Kristen’s new book available soon is great starter material for Creatives On Call’s Thrive While You Strive Summer Series to bringing those hard to answer questions to the forefront of all of us that are seeking life and work answers.   

Kristen shared an early release of her book and I found it exactly what I expected it to be… full of those questions you must ask yourself honestly in order to drill down to find out what is going to give you joy during your waking hours.  

Here are just a few of those questions from Chapter 6 that must be addressed to figure out the good stuff.

•          What do you enjoy doing in your free time now?

•          What problems do you like to solve?

•          Who do you want to serve?

•          What would you do if you could do anything?

•          What were your passions as a kid?

•          What do you get complimented on all the time?

Easy questions right? But if the answers to these questions are hard to imagine incorporating into your work-life, then Creatives On Call just might have something to share with you. In the coming days / weeks I’ll continue to share snippets of Kristen’s book.  

If you are intrigued then consider this an invite to those who can join for a lunch and learn (in Cincinnati).  A delicious lunch, Kristen and a copy her new book will be served. Tickets cost is $15 (cover the cost of the food and book) June 20, 11:30-1 p.m. See you there!

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