About Us


Who We Are

Creatives On Call is a creative staffing agency that specializes in recruiting professionals for permanent, temporary, and freelance positions in design, digital, advertising, marketing, and communications.

We know that the hiring process can be daunting, no matter which side you are on. We understand the challenges of the industry, because we are the industry. We know how involved the process is for creatives to market themselves, because we are creatives. And we recognize the time constraints and managerial pressures on our clients to find the right talent fast for positions, projects, and last-minute emergencies, because we are managers.

We are completely dedicated to easing the process for our clients, both creative professionals looking for work and companies looking for the talent; and we are dedicated to ensuring happy results on both ends. And with our trademarked Electronic Match-Making Agent, EMMA™, getting our clients together has never been faster or easier.

What We Do

Our mission is to find the most talented and creative professionals in the industry and match them with temporary, permanent, or freelance employment. Our ultimate goal is to make the hiring process rewarding, enjoyable, and profitable for creatives and clients alike.