Onsite vs. Offsite: Which Is Best?

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 09/06/2015 | Author: Stuart Koenig

Onsite vs. Offsite: Which Is Best?

There are many factors to consider when searching for contract work as a freelancer, not the least of which is whether or not the job is onsite or offsite. Depending on your mindset and comfort of environment, this might seem like a no-brainer. However, there may be factors to each option that you haven’t considered. So let’s run down the pros and cons for onsite work versus offsite work so you can be best informed. 

Offsite – There are obvious benefits to working offsite as a freelancer. Not having a commute to work certainly is appealing, especially when rush hour hits. Being in your own environment is another benefit, especially if that helps get creative juices flowing. Sometimes loud music or a comfy couch is just the trick to jumpstart productivity. You also manage your own schedule, working when it suits you best. Some people get the most out of themselves early in the morning, some in the evening. Working offsite gives you that flexibility. 

And offsite doesn’t even have to mean at home. The local coffee shop, a park on a nice day or really anywhere conducive to getting into the right mental state is an option. Even different cities and time zones may not prohibit offsite options for jobs. Plenty of freelancers prove valuable in this capacity.

Onsite – With all of the benefits of offsite work, who in the world would want to work onsite? Well, plenty of people actually, and there are valid reasons for doing so. Being onsite means a much more collaborative environment, which many people prefer to the isolation of working at home. For people who feed on a social, teamwork-style setting, the office is perfect. Also, the lines of communication are much more instantaneous onsite, which helps when there’s an urgent issue to be resolved for a short-term deadline. Using company equipment and software that would make the assignment easier can also be a benefit, not only to the job but to your skillset building as well. Pumping up that resume is never a bad thing!

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