Creatives On Call for Artists

Creatives On Call focuses its business on you, the artist. Our goal is to find just the right project for you by listening to and understanding your needs.

In other words, we only profit if we have served you and the client equally with the right match. There is no charge to be part of our database or for us to work on your behalf. The only investment required of you is your time, which is necessary for us to get to know you and your talent.

Creatives on Call for Artists
Creatives on Call for Artists

Create an Artist Profile

Create an Artist Profile, and enter information about you and your employment history. Show us what you are made of by uploading your portfolio site and samples.

Creatives on Call for Artists

Search Jobs & Apply

Search Jobs and submit your application with one click. Or, if an employer selects you, we will contact you! If you are hired we make all the necessary arrangements for you to begin working.

Creatives on Call for Artists

Work & Get Paid

Fill out a time card for the work you've done and submit it to us. Once the client authorizes your time card, we pay you in less than a week and handle your taxes based upon your request.

Permanent Placement

Our commitment is to help you find the kind of work you enjoy at the salary you desire. When we find a position that matches your skills, interests, and salary, we will give you the choice to have us present you to the client or pass and wait for another appropriate position.

We've even created EMMA™, our Electronic Match-Making Agent, so you can showcase yourself the way you want to—online, for free.

Temporary & Freelance

You request preferred assignments, do the work you want to do, when you want to do it, and get paid promptly. And you gain the freedom to create and work to the best of your abilities only in the positions that interest you.

Some temporary employees will qualify for benefits such as holiday pay, vacation pay, and Simple IRA participation. Reap some of the benefits of working for a corporation without compromising your freelance lifestyle!

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