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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from your competitors?

The creative professional is our #1 client, and we put their needs first. When we know what makes a creative tick, we’re more likely to find them roles in which they’ll find success and satisfaction.

What do you mean when you say "creatives"?

Creatives are the talented professionals who work in creative fields like design, content strategy, media, learning, marketing, and advertising. We specialize in hiring these talented individuals. We consider the creatives part of our community and friends.

What types of opportunities do you offer?

We offer career opportunities that are permanent or part-time. We even have gig based opportunities for unique needs. The work we perform for our clients falls into (6) broad categories: Strategy & Advisory, Design & Marketing, Content Creation & Management, Customer Engagement & Experience, Learning & Knowledge Management, Digital Technology & Transformation.

Does it cost me anything to work with Creatives On Call?

Nope! Registering as a creative and access to our job listings is free.

How am I paid as a contractor through Creatives On Call?

Creatives On Call runs payroll on a weekly basis to ensure you are paid quickly for the work you do. As long as you complete and submit a work order paperwork and time reports by Sunday and it’s approved, you’ll receive a paycheck that same week. We pay all our employees via direct deposit through our payroll system, ADP.

How much money does Creatives On Call take from my paycheck?

For W2 employees, the only deductions you’ll see taken from your paycheck are standard federal and state taxes.

Why do I have to fill out the full profile?

Having a complete and detailed profile improves your chances of being matched with career and part-time jobs available with Creatives On Call. We use the information in your profile to match you with positions we have available.

Why do I have to select a location in the application?

Because it helps us know which of our offices will serve you best.

How do I apply for a job?

Once you have a completed profile in our system, you can apply to any job in our database that interests you.

What happens after I apply for a job?

After you apply, you’ll hear from us if your skills are a good match for the opportunity we have available. You’ll definitely hear from us if you’re selected for an interview. You might receive an email that says, “Thank you, but you are not the right fit for this role.” Don’t fret. There will be other opportunities. To track the status of jobs, visit the Job Postings page and you can go to your profile to track the status of jobs you have applied to over the last few weeks.

How many remote jobs can I get?

There’s no limit as long as you want the work, can handle the deadlines, and have the right skills.

What is ADP?

ADP is our online payroll system. Once you have been hired in a role and have completed your appropriate tax paperwork, our team will create a payment profile for you. This profile will allow you to access your pay history, pay statements, and hours worked. You can also edit your tax dependents, address, and banking information within this profile.

When should I register with ADP?

Because our accounting team has to create your ADP profile using your completed tax forms, you likely will not be recognized in the ADP system until after you receive your first paycheck from Creatives On Call. The best time to register is after the initial funds have cleared.

How do I register with ADP?

To register with ADP, reach out to a Creatives On Call team member and ask for a registration code. After you’re hired, we’ll share an informational sheet along with any tax forms you need to complete.

How do I see my current paycheck or past pay stubs?

To see your pay information, just log in to your ADP profile. After you’re logged in, select Pay and you’ll see your current paycheck, past pay stubs, and year-to-date earnings.

Why can’t I log in to ADP?

If you receive the error message, "The Email Address Is Not Recognized," this means that our team has not set up your ADP profile yet. Please allow your first payment to process before trying to log in again. If you receive any other error message, please contact Creatives On Call for assistance.

Whom do I contact for help with ADP?

Contact our team for help with things such as updating your address, tax dependents, and banking information. For more complex needs, please contact ADP directly at 1-844-227-5237.