What Is EMMA™?


EMMA™, Creatives On Call's patented Electronic Match-Making Agent, helps our clients—artists and companies alike—make a match online. This profiling system captures comprehensive and pertinent information about our candidates and offers an innovative, online forum for candidates to instantly view and update their portfolios and resumes online.

Likewise, clients can create a profile in the EMMA™ database and then post a position or inquire about immediate talent availability. These postings will query the database of candidates, electronically contact those that match clients' preferences, and ask the candidates to view the position profile and reply if interested—all in a matter of seconds from the time of posting. Plus, positions are time stamped and viewed in real time, so artists can view the available positions and react quickly. Unlike other job posting websites, there is no upfront cost for clients to post a position, so posting becomes a much more immediate, cost-effective avenue to explore.

For more information, or to find out how you can get connected with EMMA™, contact one of our representatives.