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Creatives On Call is dedicated to helping companies and agencies activate the best creative talent in the industry. We recognize the importance and value that specialized and qualified talent brings to your business. Our experience and process brings proven and capable individuals to your doorstep faster and more reliably than virtually anyone else in the industry.

Contact one of our representatives to get started. Let us share how we can curate talent for your company or agency.

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Large Projects & Engagements

Our professional artists collectively form one of the largest creative networks in the United States and no one is better at curating targeted marketing and creative professionals for large initiatives.

Creatives on Call for Artists

Statement of Work (SOW)

Virtually no specialty vendor is capable of providing the depth of skill and cost efficiency that our creatives bring forward. Our SOW modeling process eliminates overhead bloat and maximizes spend.

Creatives on Call for Artists

Specialty Human Capital

We have thousands of creatives with the specialty skills, knowledge and channel experience valued by your organization. Let's combine your aspirations with our world-class network and achieve your goals.

Permanent Placement

At Creatives On Call, we are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process for the client (and artist). We know what a hassle online job boards can be can be and how time-consuming it is to sort through resumes and samples. We know how frustrating it is to set up and conduct interviews, test candidates, and run reference checks. Then, if all goes well, you get to negotiate the salary and benefits!

With Creatives On Call, we cut that time down to small, productive interviews with only the candidates who meet all your requirements. So you can concentrate on your business—saving you time, money, and your sanity.

Temporary & Freelance

Creatives On Call understands your need to have every aspect of hiring a freelancer handled in a fast, efficient, hassle-free manner. With our help, you can request a specialized skill, talent, style, or even personality to match your needs. You can review the resumes and portfolios of all available talent who match your criteria by using our patented Electronic Match-Making Agent, EMMA™, or by contacting one of our representatives for personal assistance.

We also make the administrative tax burden nearly nonexistent. The hourly fee you are quoted is the only fee you pay. All taxes are factored into this fee, including Federal, State, Unemployment, Worker's Compensation, Medicare, and Social Security taxes.*

*For clients that reside in a sales tax state this tax will also apply, unless a certificate of exemption is presented. Visit your state site to register for a certificate of exemption.

Why Creatives on Call?

Staffing Expertise

We are dedicated to finding and recruiting the best creative professionals in the industry and matching them with the right temporary, freelance, or permanent position. Learn More

Services Guarantee

We invest a significant amount of time to ensure the perfect fit for that new member of your team, so offering a guarantee on placement is easy. Learn More


EMMA™, Creatives On Call's patented Electronic Match-Making Agent, helps our clients—artists and companies alike—make a match online. Learn More