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Creatives On Call can get your large-scale content projects up and running within as little as 24 hours.

Case Study

Content at Scale - Accessibility

Creatives On Call recently supported a Fortune 500 financial institution facing an urgent legal requirement to audit and adapt all of its print and digital communications to meet accessibility standards. We offered thought leadership and strategic direction for the overall project design, then provided the team needed to implement the required changes within a strict 90-day window. The client selected Creatives On Call due to our experience with producing time-sensitive content at this scale, and due to our extensive network of experienced associates who offer the niche skills required to support every aspect of the project.

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Accessibility Auditing at Scale

Our financial client had an urgent need to audit all its existing communications materials and adapt or re-create each one to meet current accessibility standards. The 90-day timeframe and sheer scale of the project did not allow for internal resources to complete it by the given deadline.

Accessibility is a focus for many companies, and the larger the organization, the more complex an accessibility audit will be. For this project, the client first had to update almost every corporate asset, including:

  • Social and Web Assets
  • Interactive Learning Assets
  • Print Collateral and Sales Enablement Resources

After an initial period of assessment and refining with the internal team to determine the exact scope, we started work on the project within a 15 day window from initial contact. We used our 25 years of expertise with similar jobs to offer project-structuring advice, to assess and assign priority to various pieces, and to increase budgetary performance.


Within a month the entire project organization and structure was in place and creative teams were designated based on deliverable asset format. The bulk of the required work was completed within a 90-day window, and at the end of the update the client was left with detailed templates that their internal teams can use to keep new materials in accessibility compliance. Creatives On Call now serves in an ongoing advisory capacity for any accessibility needs.

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