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Content at Scale

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Case Study

Content at Scale - Learning Objects

In an ongoing relationship with a multinational Fortune 500 technology company, Creatives On Call provides a variety of content-at-scale services, including the creation of hundreds of digitally-deployed learning objects with supporting graphic and video assets.

The client selected Creatives On Call for this project based on the depth of our expertise in instructional design and content creation and management, as well as our ability to provide illustration and graphical assets at scale.

Creating Online Learning Objects at Scale

Our technology client has an ongoing need for the creation of digital learning objects at a pace and scale that is not possible without outside resources.

With a rapidly-expanding global footprint, and while dealing with the abrupt workplace changes brought on by the global pandemic, our client must produce anywhere from dozens to hundreds of online learning courses each year. Course content covers not only comprehensive training for new facets of the business as they launch, but it must also address the evolving technology and resource challenges inherent in our new work-from-anywhere world.

As new assets are acquired by the company, existing learning modules need to be updated and rebranded, and in some cases entirely rewritten. With a team of writers, project managers and designers who are well-trained in the company’s voice and tone, our creatives are capable of quickly producing the content needed for these courses, within a time frame that would not be possible using internal resources alone.

Due to their relationship with Creatives On Call, the client does not need to scale back on their plans, or make choices about which projects are prioritized to go forward. Instead, their internal resources serve as subject matter experts, and our associates focus on rapid implementation, increasing the company’s speed to market and improving their bottom line.

Services provided for this ongoing project include:

  • Writing online learning content and promotional copy, while always staying consistent with the client’s brand voice and tone
  • Research and discovery of relevant course information, utilizing the client’s internal subject matter experts as well as outside resources
  • Using the clients established brand guidelines to create illustrations, charts and graphs, icons and other illustrative elements to support the written content
  • Project management to keep projects on track within tight deadlines

We also use our expertise to offer project-structuring advice and increase budgetary performance

“We offer on-demand performance solutions for executing your projects, allowing you to scale up or down as the workload evolves.”


Over the past five years, Creatives On Call has produced hundreds of learning objects and thousands of supporting graphic assets for the client. Working with dozens of internal teams, and on multiple ongoing projects at any given time, we support the client by producing learning content at a scale that would not be possible for most other agencies, or with the clients existing internal resources alone. We focus on producing this content at a responsible cost, our flexible staffing model we rapidly fluctuate along with client needs.

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