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What is Content Creation in Digital Marketing

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What is Content Creation in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and content creation are essential to any company’s marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable, interesting, and engaging content to attract and keep customers. Digital marketing helps promote this content across various channels, including email, social media, and websites. Using digital marketing techniques on these platforms helps your tailored digital content reach new customers and build brand loyalty.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and there are many new tools and tactics available. Adding digital content strategies to your broader marketing methods lets your team reach customers in the most efficient way possible. Investing in digital marketing and content creation can help your brand stay at the forefront of the latest marketing trends and techniques.

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What is Content Creation in Digital Marketing?

Content creation helps marketers attract and retain their audience by positioning their brand as relatable and credible. Examples of digital marketing content creation include social media posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and newsletters. This content promotes engagement and complements your marketing team’s copywriting content, which persuades and sells your audience on your products and services. While copywriting is direct sales, content created with a direct focus in mind supports sales by informing and entertaining your target audience and positioning your brand as an industry thought leader.

Why is Content Creation Important?

Creating content helps digital marketers establish themselves as authorities in the industry and builds trust with potential customers. Solid content strategies that resonate with the right audience help draw new customers to your brand and ensure that existing customers keep coming back. But don’t simply create content for the sake of having something to share. It’s important to create useful, interesting, relevant, and shareable content. 

Your digital content creation efforts should include both written content like blogs and newsletters and visual content like videos and social media posts. The more useful content you produce for your audience, the more opportunity you have to build lasting relationships with them over time. This drives higher conversion rates and ultimately increases sales. In fact, 60% of marketers say that inbound marketing, like SEO and blog content, is their highest quality source of leads.

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What Are the Different Types of Content?

Content Creation for SEO

Search engine optimized (SEO) content helps your company rank higher in organic Google searches. Research shows that 99.37% of Google searchers don’t click past the first page of Google search returns. Adding SEO to your digital marketing strategy to ensure your brand shows up on the first page of Google results is essential for making your brand visible to potential customers.

Content Creation for Social Media

Creating social media content builds social capital and helps humanize your brand. Social media posts also provide great opportunities to engage directly with your audience through likes, comments, replies, and direct messages. Studies show that 70% of people who have a positive experience with a business on social media will recommend that business to their networks, making social media a key tool for building positive word-of-mouth marketing for your company.

Website Content Creation

Website content consists of blog articles, newsletters, product brochures, case studies, and white papers, along with your products and services. Your web content should establish your brand as a leader and innovator in your industry, along with drawing interest to your company. Memorable website content keeps your brand at the forefront of your potential audience’s memory when they have a need for what you’re selling.

Content Creation for Videos

Video content consistently outperforms text and images (though text and images are still important!) In fact, Hubspot found that 54% of consumers said they wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Video content consumption is most popular with younger consumers, but it’s growing among older audiences, too, making it a good investment regardless of your consumer base. 

How Do You Create Good Digital Content?

Align Your Content with Your Audience

To ensure your digital content is aligned with your target audience, targeting the outlets they use the most is essential because even the best marketing will be ineffectual if no one sees it. The best marketing efforts also directly address a potential audience’s pain points, so tailor your digital content to address common challenges, goals, and concerns. Have your data analytics team dig into which platforms and content types receive the most clicks and engagement. Then, focus your marketing content in those areas, whether it’s increased social media posting, more blog posts, or bumping up your Facebook ad spend. 

Invest in Keyword Research and SEO Strategies

Keyword research options like Google Keyword Planner and WordStream can help ensure that your digital content ranks high on organic keyword searches and reaches your intended audience. 

Tracking these analytics is essential so your team can measure the success of your digital content marketing strategy and make adjustments as necessary. Analyzing performance metrics such as page views, click-through rates, bounce rates, and viewer engagement will help you identify areas for improvement to ensure your future content hits the right metrics and reaches the right audience.

Proofread Thoroughly and Then Proofread Again

Nothing kills brand credibility like typos and inaccurate information. One study looked at the click rate of two identical ads, one with a typo in the headline and one with no typos, and found that the typo ad had a decrease of up to 70% in clicks compared to the typo-free ad! 

Have more than one person double-check your content before it goes live. This helps ensure that your content editor doesn’t miss a broken link or a misspelled name. The best way to catch typos is to read your content aloud, starting at the bottom and working your way up, sentence by sentence. Yes, it’s a little tedious, but it’s a surefire way to catch the little errors that can add up to significant costs in lost engagement and high bounce rates.

Stand Out with Compelling, Optimized Digital Marketing Content 

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