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We can get even your most complex online learning content projects started within as little as 48 hours.

Case Study

Our healthcare client needed to transition from an offline training system to one that was digital, accessible, and trackable.

Online Training for Internal Resources

Healthcare staffing is a seasonal business with high turnover. Companies in this sector must have the ability to track the training levels and performance of their sales and recruitment teams at all times.

Our client, one of the 20 largest healthcare staffing firms in the country, needed to create a standardized online training experience for all of its sales and recruiting staff. This training would serve as a base of institutional knowledge even when staff changed. Their existing training system was spread across multiple mediums, and individual learning levels were not trackable. Additionally, the company wanted to provide a way for staff to control their own learning experience, allowing them to upskill and cross-train to make themselves available for promotion and new assignments.


Creating Online Learning for Internal Resources

Creatives On Call quickly assembled a team of experts from across the country to work on the project, most with advanced degrees in instructional design. The lead for the project was a 20-year industry veteran with a PhD in the field. The team also included copywriters and project managers, who used their expertise with similar engagements to offer overall structuring advice, and leverage best-practice, efficient processes to increase budgetary performance for the client.

Services provided for this project included:

  • A full audit of existing learning content
  • Expert advice while reviewing and shopping for LMS to onboard
  • LMS implementation and project plan
  • Copywriting to develop content for new learning modules
  • Overall module template design
  • Presentation deck template design
  • Instructional design in Articulate Storyline 360
  • Development of interactive assets with GoAnimate
  • Completion of 114 training modules in four months


When the internal timeframe of the project was accelerated midway through the engagement, the Creatives On Call team quickly added additional instructional designers, scaling up on demand. With the company’s internal resources serving as subject matter experts, our associates were able to focus on rapid implementation and deployment.

This project was completed within a condensed four-month deadline, with the final delivery of 114 completed training modules. Our team brought the project in at a budget that was slightly lower than 25% of the industry per-module average.

“Our teams are able to scale up and down as client demands fluctuate. This project timeline was accelerated mid-engagement, but we were able to bring more professional instructional designers on board, and easily meet the new deadline.”

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