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Case Study

Not all training is externally focused. Sometimes there's an urgent need to get internal staff trained in a topic important to the company, whether that's a new skill all employees need to learn quickly, or a new message around which all employees should align.

Internal Training for Sensitive Topics

In a three-month engagement, Creatives On Call assisted a national health services company with internal messaging and message training to give their sales team and C-Suite the tools they needed to address client concerns after a data breach.

Creating Internal Sales Training for Sensitive Topics

Our healthcare client was dealing with a data breach. We needed to design tools to give the sales team key information and assurances for existing and potential clients about the company response to the breach.

After a data breach incident, our client had completed client notifications and had repaired the security issue that led to the breach, but there was still work to be done in client communications. Restoring trust after this type of an incident, and explaining in layperson’s language the complex technical fixes that the company had instituted, was paramount to recovering customer trust after the breach.

45% of Us Companies have experienced a data breach. $4.24 million is the cost of the average data breach. 80% of consumers will leave a business If their personally identifiable information was impacted in a security breach.

Facing an urgent need, the core team came together within a week to consult with the client on project parameters. Then, working with subject matter experts in cybersecurity they created the key talking points, and began to map out the training materials and thought leadership pieces the client needed.

Businessman sharing serious ideas with colleagues at a meeting

Services provided for this project included:

  • Discovery to define project parameters
  • Design of messaging training decks for staff
  • Creation of a thought leadership document to use during CIO to CIO conversations
  • Creation of field "battlecards" to assist Sales in overcoming objections
  • Use of client's established brand guidelines to on-brand materials and illustrative elements to support the written content
  • Project management to keep the project on track

“We  offer our clients access to experienced content creators, and we also tell them the best ways to structure their projects to keep them on time and on budget.”


We were able to create all the content the client needed within a three month period. All internal staff and the C-suite were trained to discuss the details of the breach, how risks had been mediated, and steps the company had taken to prevent future incidents.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s get on a call and discuss your project goals and objectives, as well as your timeline needs. We can offer advice and perspective on the most efficient way to get your project up and running, and if necessary we can usually be fully staffed and operational within days - so contact us to get started today!

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