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Conceptual Branding Copywriter - CPG Emphasis

Project Assignment | 20-30 Hours / 2 Weeks | Onsite | Cincinnati, OH

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We're on the hunt for an experienced copywriter with both strategy and branding chops! We're not looking for flashy, quippy, one-liners, but instead, wordsmithing with more conceptual and ideation branding roots. Our agency partner provides the cool, big-named brands and they're looking for you to provide the "snap crackle and pop".

What will make you an interesting branding strategy partner? -- A solid portfolio and organic curiosity. They need and want someone who reads data like a road map and interprets where to pull over and sight-see.

With all this in mind - they are wanting a freelance copywriting resource on their "go-to" list. Do you want to be that person?

Reach out to our Recruiting team for more information or to voice your interest!


5-7 Years Experience --- Branding Copywriter

Focus on:
* Brand promise
* Brand character
* Brand positioning
* Strong strategic background

Concept Writer
NOT advertising copy, NOT flashy copy, but strategic -- needs to be both building a brand loyalty/interest and positioning the brand a little.
Creative slant with strategic baseline.
Romance language / copy
* Reasons to believe
* Brand Concept
* to be presented to research groups

Location: downtown Cincinnati.


PORTFOLIO - experience in branding copywriting based upon data and strategy work that resulted in new product ideas.

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management:

– Microsoft Word

Additional Information

ON-SITE time in the beginning once the team is comfortable remote is a very real option.

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Job Details

Job Type: Copywriter

Industry: Marketing, CPG Consumer Product Goods

Hours: 30

Dress Code: Na

Posted By: Creatives On Call - Cincinnati

Job Number: CIN014802

Date Posted: 10/04/2019

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Kerri Thomas
(513) 794-0998

Brianne Creamer
(513) 535-5800

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