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Confluence Builder/Designer

Temporary Assignment | Remote

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Creatives On Call is seeking a Confluence Builder/Designer to assist in the build and implementation for a Technology/Software client. The client shifted from a legacy system [Heroku] to Atlassian Confluence. The ideal candidate will have vast experience and proven experience in building out the functionality of Confluence in other enterprise level environments to create a consistent build and design that can be easily be replicated by other page creators who might not be super familiar with the tool. This freelance engagement will be a few hours a week for a few months.


  • Improve, polish and build out some consistent macro components that would be applied across other pages for an externally facing site.
  • Develop and manage all Confluence spaces including permissions, developing page templates, maintaining existing spaces and creating new spaces to meet and exceed business need and usage.
  • Work within Confluence plugins to manage existing themes, create new themes to requirements and troubleshoot UI issues.
  • Build custom plugins as needed to meet customer requirements and business needs.
  • Maintain branded and prebuilt components in order to easily implement content such as table of contents, page breaks, headers and collapsible macros.
  • Continually evaluate new features and functions of Confluence in order to create best practices.
  • Act as the subject matter expert to educate the team on the new system.


  • Proven experience and expertise in Confluence, with a track record of working in enterprise-level environments.
  • Exceptional skills in Confluence space management, including setting permissions, developing templates, and organizing spaces effectively.
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting UI issues within Confluence.
  • Experience in crafting and managing consistent, user-friendly, and branded Confluence components for content implementation.
  • Ability to adapt and innovate based on the evolving features and functions of Confluence.
  • Strong communication and educational skills to serve as the team's Confluence subject matter expert.
  • Familiarity with Atlassian Confluence best practices and current trends in Confluence design and functionality.

Desired Skills

Marketing, Advertising & Account Services

Confluence · Jira

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Job Details

Job Type: UI/UX Designer

Industry: Technology / IT / Software

Posted By: Creatives On Call - Cincinnati

Job Number: CIN026886

Date Posted: 10/26/2023

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