Project Manager

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- Work as a team with the sales person in planning the job to service the clients.
- Reviews all incoming jobs and obtains job specifications from sales person or client.
- Schedules planning meeting with production.
- Offers creative, constructive ideas and suggestions pertaining to incoming work and discusses alternative ways of producing jobs for quality and cost-effectiveness.
- Determines due date.
- Prepares job for production.
- Writes up job ticket.
- Informs sales if actual production of job deviates from the original plan.
- Handles calls from customers.

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management:

– Microsoft Word

Interactive & Media:

– Excel
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Job Details

Job Type: Project Manager

Industry: CPG Consumer Product Goods

Hours: 40 Hours Per Week + Overtime

Dress Code: Casual

Posted By: Creatives On Call - Cincinnati

Job Number: CIN013074

Date Posted: 11/29/2018

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Brianne Creamer
(513) 535-5800

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