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Temporary Assignment | 6 Months | Onsite | New York, NY

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We have an immediate need for a Marketing Manager for 6 months for one of our great clients. As the marketing manager you'll be in charge of the ins tore market and development to support one of the clients brands. While doing this, you'll need the ability to drive traffic, sales and profit for the division you'll be working under along with the team you'll be in charge of.


- Ability to go the extra mile to take the brand to the next level by clearly describing the vision of their brand.
- Keep continuing communication across multiple platforms between the team and other departments
- Be able to develop and implement campaigns
- Come up with new marketing plans and take to the market to test
- The ability to do some market analysis to see how the product is performing with different campaigns and keep record of that for future use.
- Be a team player, leader and have the urge to motivate your team


- Microsoft Office
- Retail experience preferred but not required
- MBA is preferred but not required
- 7+ Years of experience

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management:

– Google Docs
– Microsoft Word

Design & Production:

– PowerPoint

Interactive & Media:

– Excel
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Job Details

Job Type: Marketing Manager

Industry: Consumer Products , Retail

Hours: 40

Posted By: Creatives On Call - Cincinnati

Job Number: CIN013977

Date Posted: 04/09/2019

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Kerri Thomas
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Brianne Creamer
(513) 535-5800

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