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Jr. Copywriter

Temporary Assignment | Both Onsite & Remote | Columbus, OH

Hiring Status: Accepting Applications
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Content Writer can mean different things to different people. Here’s what it means to our client. This role is a magical mix of all things product marketing. With a primary focus on email, you’ll be responsible for writing B2C and B2B marketing content that makes the customer experience easy and engaging. This means taking an often ambiguous problem, diving deep into the user experience, and suggesting creative solutions to help customers. Our client will never tell you how to solve the problem—so if you enjoy tackling CX challenges head on, love the AP style guide, find yourself copy editing marketing emails in your inbox, but are also inclined to write pithy lines on napkins around your house, then this role is for you. Our team of writers is responsible for all content outside of their main product. From blogs to billboards, scripts to SEO, our nimble creative team crafts it. Where would you fit in? Our ideal Content Writer will be able to masterfully update copy to brand standards, compose smart, engaging short-form and long-form content, break down complicated concepts and make them easy to understand, and scour language for style, clarity, grammar, and punctuation—all while staying mindful of a tight production workflow. Our client's creative marketing team is on a mission to unbreak the insurance industry. They’re a tight-knit, collaborative group guided by a highly iterative, user-centered design process. With insights gained through testing, data analysis, and thoughtful critique, they’re driving the strategy that grows their business and will shape the insurance industry of tomorrow. You’ll be working closely with our innovative and whip-smart team of designers, marketing partners, product managers, engineers, customer service specialists, attorneys, and program managers (to name a few)


The role:

The voice (that’s you)

As a Content Writer on Product Marketing, you are the voice of everything our clients customers experience during their CX journey. Your words are seen by every person who tries their products. Your words matter, and as a writer you have the opportunity to have a real impact on the business. Our client isn’t a typical insurance company. They’re not stuffy, boring, or traditional. They never want insurance to feel stressful, overwhelming, or hard. And it’s the Content Writer’s job to be sure they never do.

The brand voice (this is what you’ll write)

Their brand experiences mirror the tool that started it all: bold, human-centric, simple. The brand voice is straightforward, direct, and approachable. Speak in a clear, engaging way. They take complicated, highly regulated insurance content and break it down into succinct, clear copy both their clients and customers understand. Yes, they occasionally throw in a joke or wink here or there, but it’s always well-placed and thoughtful. The insurance industry is riddled with clichés and expected lines. They pride themselves on rising above that.

Passion for the craft of writing

Strong writing isn’t just the ability to write a great headline or a descriptive piece of prose. It’s about clarity and humanity. It’s using smart writing and grammar to communicate in a way that’s accurate and easy, often with character limits. They constantly ask themselves how they can say more with fewer words. And we prove it’s possible every day.


Due to the nature of their business, daily copy needs range from serious and empathetic to energetic and light. There will be times for creative copy to engage and times where copy should be simple and straightforward.

Deep empathy for the user

As a Content Writer, you put every effort into&


● A solid understanding of email best practices

● Basic to intermediate experience with A/B testing

● Grammar expert

● Tight writer

● Excellent proofreading skills

● Advanced background in research

● Part-time strategist (Notice it doesn’t say “strategic thinker.” Of course you’re a strategic thinker, but Root writers connect all of their content back to strategy. And if for some reason there isn’t a strategy to be found, they’re quick to get the right people in the room to make it happen.)

● Accustomed to working with legal/compliance teams to review content

● Self-starter

● Skilled collaborator

● Flexible in working style (sometimes design will drive copy, sometimes copy will drive design, and sometimes you’ll volley back and forth)

● 5+ years of relevant writing/editing experience in a creative, editorial, or marketing environment

● 2+ years of relevant CX email experience, preferably in either FinTech or an analytics-based environment

● A deep love of the Oxford comma (happy to support those in transition) This role reports to the Copy Director. Please provide a PDF of relevant work samples or web link to a portfolio. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered. This is a full-time (remote) freelance position. Due to COVID-19, our teams are currently collaborating remotely, so bring your sweatpants. A laptop and appropriate software will be provided.

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management

Associated Press (AP) Proofreading · Google Docs · Microsoft Word

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Job Details

Job Type: Copywriter

Industry: Insurance, Learning & Knowledge Management

Hours: 40 Hours/week

Dress Code: Business Casaul

Posted By: Creatives On Call - Cincinnati

Job Number: CIN018898

Date Posted: 04/16/2021

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Kerri Thomas
(513) 535-3910

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