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Creatives On Call is a solution provider focused on providing marketing and creative needs to its creatives and clients for more than 22 years. The difference between Creatives on Call and our competition is the personal touch we provide. Our Ultimate Goal is to make the process rewarding, enjoyable and profitable for creatives and companies alike.

Our local agency client is looking for an expert native web developer for an ongoing project to work on a shared economy mobile app. The app will have peer to peer data and peer to peer payments along with location features. A cross platform (iPhone & Android) native developer with Node.js, MongoDb, Mysql, and PHP on their resume. Experience with Maps API, Push Notifications, Chat, API, Braintree Mobile Commerce and Server Side Business Logic.


The writing, markup and coding involved in web development, which includes web content, web client and server scripting and network security. Web Programmers have experience in developing native apps for various platforms, web application frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, Rails, Django; languages such as PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby and related databases such as MySQL, MSSQL etc… High proficiencies in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript etc… Web Programmer is often called upon to understand and work with web services and aid in web integration, knowing technologies such as REST, SOAP, XML. Experience with version controlled workflow; an example is GitHub.


Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science

Additional skill sets a plus:

Desired Skills

Interactive & Media:

– Java
– Javascript
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Job Type: Back-End Web Developer

Industry: Advertising , Marketing

Hours: 30-40hrs Week

Dress Code: Casual

Posted By: Creatives On Call - St. Louis

Job Number: STL013388

Date Posted: 12/27/2018

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Brianne Creamer
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