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Creatives On Call is a solution provider focused on providing marketing and creative needs to its creatives and clients for more than 24 years. The difference between Creatives on Call and our competition is the personal touch we provide. Our Ultimate Goal is to make the process rewarding, enjoyable and profitable for creatives and companies alike.

Do you want to be part of our Team? We are looking for a recruiter to help us live our purpose! We want Creatives to Thrive not just Survive.


Responsible for the job placement of personnel with employing companies. This includes the identification and recruiting of candidates for employment by client companies and for the identification and development of client business relationships and job opportunities for the purpose of candidate employment.

The position will focus on developing and executing effective business development and recruitment strategies with emphasis on building a client base and resource of job candidates from all community and business sectors and sources available.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

• Use creativity and resourcefulness to locate and identify potential candidates for employment opportunities.
• Perform candidate searches using all available sourcing methods.
• Contact prospective candidates to determine if they may be interested in learning about a new employment opportunity.
• Develop relationships with candidates and the prospective candidate community.
• Receive resumes from various sourcing methods and recruiting efforts.
• Retrieve and process Email and request responses from candidates; determine action and send appropriate acknowledgment letters.
• Perform telephone candidate screening and interviews to determine the candidate’s needs, desires, requirements, qualifications and suitability for any given position.
• Perform in person candidate interviews to determine the candidate’s needs, desires, requirements, qualifications and suitability for any given position.
• Maintain candidate resumes, records and related candidate information obtained by yourself or others. This includes hard-copy files as well as computerized database files.
• Obtain candidate updates. Talk to candidates to verify if the candidate is still interested in a new position; update contact information, update employment status, request new resume, etc.
• Develop and maintain a pipeline of job candidates.
• Maintain candidates, the job openings and present job opportunities to candidates.
• Prepare candidates’ resumes and submittals for client presentation based upon client job requirements.
• Perform reference verification and document the results; send to client as requested or deemed appropriate.
• Perform or coordinate pre-employment testing, background checks. Complete and or coordinate other pre-employment requirements as required (i.e. drug testing).
• Schedule and coordinate interviews between candidates and c client companies. Verify interview time and location; provide directions and review related i

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management:

– Google Docs
– Microsoft Word
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Job Details

Job Type: Account Manager

Industry: Staffing

Posted By: Creatives On Call - St. Louis

Job Number: STL013581

Date Posted: 01/30/2019

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