Interaction Designer - 12 Month Contract

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Temporary Assignment | St. Louis, MO | Onsite

Are you an individual that is positive in your attitude, collaborative, excited and open to giving feedback, in love with challenges and problem solving?

Do you want steady work for 12-18 months and are not too stuck up about working with corporate STL giants?
Collaborative mindset is a must.
Past experience working with start-up and freelance is a plus - this corporate creative department wants a "non-corporate" solutions team to break the seal and build unique and robust solutions. Past experience from corporate is still viable - the gist is that if you are good, good is good and they will want you.

Proof of exceptional ideas and creative in a portfolio are required.
This is OPEN for consideration to new grads if you can cut the muster - no divas just dynamos!


Interaction Design experience:
• Proficiency in laying out Web design with consideration for tablet
• Understanding of the distinction between wireframing and visual design

Strong interaction design experience, for example:
• Wireframing
• Creation of user flows
• Understanding of navigation paradigms
• Working with information hierarchy
• Knowledge of intuitive web patterns/controls
• Mobile/tablet interaction design is a plus

A strong understanding of the Web design space:
• Grid systems
• Responsive Web/liquid layouts
• Web design trends

Strong proficiency working on a Windows operating system (cannot be comfortable only on Mac/Apple OS).

Prototyping experience is a must:
• This role will have heavy prototyping expectations
• Preferred tool is Justinmind but experience using Axure or other rapid prototyping tools is good
• Experience preferred in making more than just linear, hot-spot driven prototypes

Other Job Requirements:
• Agile (scrum) experience is a huge plus
• Collaborative attitude – This is a very low-ego group that work to create artifacts together, not as individuals
• Ability to quickly understand concepts and contribute value
• Ability to effectively take direction and work somewhat autonomously while staying on task
• Strong conceptual skills (i.e., deciphering whiteboard diagrams and pencil sketches)
• Comfortable with frequent iteration to designs based on feedback from users and business partners
• A continued curiosity in subjects related to design and technology
• Ability to work effectively with partners located remotely via email and phone
• Brokerage/banking experience is a plus, but not required
• Previous large company experience is a plus
• Front end developer experience is not required

Job Details

Job Type: Interactive Designer

COC Office: St. Louis

Job Number: STL010571

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St. Louis In-house
(314) 863-7223

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Interaction Designer - 12 Month Contract

Desired Skills

Graphic Design & Production:
– Illustrator
– InDesign
– Photoshop
Web & Interactive Design:
– Axure