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Temporary Assignment | 5-7 Weeks | Onsite | St. Louis, MO

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What the Job is:
Our client is looking for a project manager to work alongside the Team from around September 5 - October 6. The project manager would oversee the execution of a charitable campaign within our client's organization.


- Must be organized and well spoken
- Have the ability and able to seamlessly execute a campaign strategy from start to completion

Desired Skills

Content Development & Management:

– Google Docs
– Microsoft Word
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Job Details

Job Type: Project Manager

Industry: B2C, Food & Beverage

Hours: 30 - 40 Hours/week

Posted By: Creatives On Call - St. Louis

Job Number: STL014745

Date Posted: 08/13/2019

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Michaela Mitchell
(314) 410-8054

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