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Our luxury client is looking for a Traffic Manager to assist with their booming new business growth!

Who We Are:: Creatives On Call is a solution provider focused on providing marketing and creative needs to its creatives and clients for more than 22 years. The difference between Creatives on Call and our competition is the personal touch we provide. Our Ultimate Goal is to make the process rewarding, enjoyable and profitable for creatives and companies alike.


The ideal candidate will ensure all marketing collateral and work from account services flows efficiently to creative and production departments. This position will be responsible for keeping everyone on task and projects on deadline, handling the logistics and keeping all parties updated on the progress. The end goal is to make sure the project goes smoothly and both the client who requested the project and the professionals who did the work are satisfied with the end result.

- Create detailed schedules and set deadlines for various stages of a project
- Distribute assignments to creative teams and other departments, depending on their availability and priorities
- Meet with clients to learn more about new project details and give progress updates on existing projects, communicating any issues
- Monitor projects and workloads, adjusting assignments and deadlines accordingly
- Maintain job files
- Work and hire freelancers and contractors and ensure they have the resources needed for their jobs


To succeed in this role, you need the ability to multitask, organize and collaborate. Strong decision-making and prioritization skills are essential to making sure the process runs smoothly. This candidate must have the ability to schedule, monitor and adjust deadlines and resources as needed.

This position also requires significant collaboration, excellent people management skills are required. Applicants need to know how to effectively communicate requests and assignments from clients to their team, which includes getting content creators to meet deadlines as well as being able to identify unrealistic client requests. Their end goal is to ensure everyone is satisfied with the project.

Additional skills required include time-management, an eye for detail, and problem solving skills. Proficiency with Excel and project management software is also important.

Knowledge of design resources and previous traffic experience, whether in an agency or in-house corporate setting, is required.

Desired Skills

Interactive & Media:

– Excel

Additional Information

Interested in applicants with 3+ years of experience in Traffic Management.

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Job Details

Job Type: Traffic Manager

Industry: Consumer Products

Hours: 40/Hours Week

Dress Code: Business Casual

Posted By: Creatives On Call - St. Louis

Job Number: STL013412

Date Posted: 01/03/2019

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Melinda Sipes
(314) 330-6682

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