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Permanent Assignment | Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Onsite

West Palm Beach based corporation is looking for a full-time on-site Digital Content Strategist The perfect candidate must be a passionate communicator that is a detail oriented 'doer' with the creativity, resourcefulness and initiative to get things done. The ability intelligently work independently is essential.

Primary responsibilities include providing digital content support across all digital and social platforms and managing an extensive photo archive.

In this role, the perfect candidate will assist the Content Manager in creating and implementing engaging content elements across several digital channels. An ability to conceptualize and then create content, images, graphics, videos and photos is essential. The company maintains an existing art department that can assist with graphical and video based needs - but if the candidate is capable helping to generate this it's a huge plus.

In managing the archive, you will oversee and catalog images along with keywords, metadata, and captions into an existing archival system. In this role, the candidate will also be the primary point person for fulfilling photography requests from external 3rd parties and news agencies. Additionally responsibilities include coordinating with the media department to outline and define photography needs for corporate events and functions. A strong working knowledge of the Adobe CS Suite and Lightroom are huge advantages

The position will require 4-6 weeks of international / USA based travel per year. This is an amazing job that won't be around long and the company is willing to pay relocation fees.


Strong Working Experience with Adobe Creatives Suite
Strong working knowledge and hands on experience in all contemporary social mediums is essential to success

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Job Type: Social Media Specialist

COC Office: West Palm Beach

Job Number: WES010704

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Kerri Thomas
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Digital Content Specialist