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Content Strategy Consulting

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Content Strategy Consulting

We Start with an Audience-First Strategy

Before creating content, it’s important to take the time to develop a plan that will help you reach your digital marketing and business goals. A well-defined content marketing strategy will develop a roadmap for driving traffic through search engines, generating leads, encouraging engagement, and increasing sales through content. It will define the type of content you need, when and where to publish it, and how to measure results.

A successful high-level strategy begins with target audience research. Critical pieces of your plan include knowing who your audience is, what information they seek, and when they are most likely to engage. If you don’t know your audience, you have little chance of reaching them successfully.

How We Do It

Determine Needs and Goals

Content consultants from Creatives On Call will start by understanding your goals and priorities. Whether you have a large or small internal team, we’ll meet with you to determine how your content strategy fits into your digital marketing plan and how it will help you meet your overall business goals. We’ll help you narrow your focus and pinpoint the exact content goals you want to achieve and what support you need to get you there.

 Conduct Audience Research and a Content Audit

Our experts will research your target audiences to ensure your content is relatable. We’ll also review your existing content to provide a baseline for your content strategy. This audit will help us determine what’s working and what isn’t and where you have content gaps that we can fill. We’ll also conduct platform research to ensure you’re sharing content in the right places.

Create a Roadmap

A successful content strategy provides all the tools needed for execution. Our content strategists will develop a plan that defines your key messaging and outlines content themes and areas of focus. It will present keyword research and outline your content strategies and tactics. This document will serve as your guide throughout the execution of your content plan.

Recommend Digital Solutions

No content strategy is complete without defined digital solutions. Determining the types of digital content used will be clearly outlined. This may include blogs, infographics, landing pages, and social graphics. Keeping your customer journey in mind, we’ll also define which platforms will most effectively reach them. The types of platforms used can include podcasts, email newsletters, and videos. Once the plan is finalized these details will be outlined and a content calendar will be developed.

Develop Metrics for Success

How will you know if your content is performing if you do not have clearly defined metrics in place? Our experts will help you determine how to measure your content strategy results. This may include measuring SEO performance, conversion rates, downloads, website analytics, and more.

How We Can Help

At Creatives On Call, we have a team of content experts available for all your content strategy consulting needs. Our experts will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can even provide ongoing content marketing support by working closely with your existing team long-term or initiate temp-to-hire opportunities. We’re here to support your needs from strategy to execution and fill any talent void you’re experiencing internally.

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