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Email Copywriting Services

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Copywriting Services for Email Campaigns

Email Copywriting Services

Reach your customers with custom email copywriting services that deliver the right messages to the right customers and prospects at the right time. Through our email copywriting services, our professionals will help you reach your target audiences effectively to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

A talented email copywriter will help you break through the noise with creative email subject lines and relevant email copy that will persuade your audiences to open and click. Our goal will always be to build lasting relationships with your customers and encourage them to take action.

Why Do You Need a Professional Copywriter?

Email copywriting is unique. It requires creativity, brevity, and persuasion in your writing. It requires making a connection with your customer and encouraging them to make a purchase or utilize your services. It’s a specialized writing skill that not everyone has.

Professional email copywriters understand the importance of breaking through the inbox clutter. They have the specific writing skills needed and understand the importance of staying relevant to avoid the dreaded unsubscribe or the swipe to trash. They’ll work to make your email marketing efforts stand out to generate interest, clicks, and purchases.  

How It Works 

Tell Us What You Need

Our email copywriters will focus on engaging, nurturing, and converting your leads and keeping your business top-of-mind through compelling email copy. We’ll start by understanding your needs. Are we improving your current email campaigns or building a program from scratch? Either way, our copywriters will keep your email marketing strategy in mind as they create the content you need for ongoing outreach to your target audiences.

We’ll also work within your existing platform, or we can suggest a new one that might serve you better. From robust platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce to less complex platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, our email copywriters can work within any platform.

Focused on Your Audience

Words matter, and if you’re not relating to your audience and capturing their attention quickly, you’ll never build the following you want or get the sales you need. We’ll get to know your customer, so we can speak directly to them, acknowledge their pain paints, provide solutions, and personalize messaging. Our email copywriters will focus on delivering clear and concise calls to action in every email campaign to drive engagement and conversions.

Tracking and Measuring Success

From clicks and downloads to purchases and social shares, every email marketing campaign will focus on getting results that are trackable and relevant to your business. Whether we’re driving them to a website, landing page, social channel, or setting up a meeting, we’ll be certain you can track the success of each email campaign. Metrics can include:

  • Click-through rates

  • Open rates

  • Bounce rates

  • Conversion rates

  • Email shares

  • Subscription growth and unsubscribe rates

  • Overall ROI

  • Revenue results per campaign

We’ll Save You Time and Resources

Our professional email copywriters work quickly and efficiently. Once they understand your brand and audience, they will hit the ground running and deliver the high-quality email copy you need to move your business forward. While you stay focused on other pieces of the business, our team will focus on producing the high-quality, fresh content you need to attract, engage, and convert your audiences.

How We Can Help

At Creatives On Call, we have a team of email copywriters readily available who will deliver the compelling email marketing copy you need to engage and convert. We will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can even provide ongoing support by working closely with your existing team long-term or initiating temp-to-hire opportunities. We’re here to support your email copywriting needs from strategy to execution and fill any talent void you’re experiencing internally.

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