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Technical Writing and Documentation Services

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Technical Writing and Documentation Services

What is a technical writer?

In complex industries like the medical, technology, and manufacturing fields, technical writing services are used to simplify information for the end user. A technical writer is highly skilled at developing technical content such as user guides, release notes, training manuals, FAQs and white papers. They are specialized writers who perform discovery sessions with subject matter experts and often have the knowledge base of an engineer, scientist, lawyer, or developer.

While many organizations may have in-house writers, in most cases, they do not have the technical expertise or writing skills needed to develop the most complex technical documentation. Or in other instances, they may be “too close” to the content and an outside objective writer is needed. 

Our Comprehensive Technical Writing Solutions

Creatives On Call has a strong team of writers available for all your technical writing service needs. We’ll match you with the best skilled technical writers with the right industry background, solid knowledge base, and the robust experience level you need for your technical content. Our technical writing associates are professional writers who are vetted, engagement proven, and ready to start working for you and your team.

 We’ll always work to find the right professional who will take your highly technical writing and turn it into digestible, user-friendly content that your audiences will understand. Sometimes that requires translating information into layman’s terms. Other times it requires adding visuals or a specific format for delivery, like video or motion graphics. Our skilled writers will not only produce the technical content, but they’ll make recommendations you may not have thought of — all designed to reach your intended audiences and increase comprehension.

 Examples of the types of technical writing our professionals are trained in:

  • Software documentation
  • API documentation
  • Training materials
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Service level agreements
  • User manuals and guides
  • Operator manuals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Product documentation
  • Installation guides
  • Technical white papers and case studies
  • Research papers
  • Technical reports and proposals
  • Annual reports
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Financial Documentation
  • Journal articles
  • And more

We Understand SEO

If your technical writing project is a part of a digital marketing strategy, many of our writers are experienced in optimizing your content for search. Our team will do keyword research, make recommendations on copy length, and optimize your headers and titles. Whether you need to increase brand awareness, grow website traffic, or reach qualified leads, our technical writers will utilize search engine optimization best practices and develop technical writing content that is designed to convert.

Why Work with Creatives On Call?

We Will Be an Extension of Your Team

We have the experience, technical writing know-how and capability to deploy a team or teams of technical writers to serve as an extension of your organization. We can perform the discovery, define the scope, and then execute the work and technical information. Our experienced technical writers will always develop content using the appropriate language, terms, and nuances of your industry and will follow any regulations or compliance standards needed. 

We Work Quickly

We have an extensive bench of technical writers with specialized backgrounds. We can set up project discovery calls immediately so you can get your project underway promptly. Once launched, our technical writers work quickly and efficiently to meet your deadlines.

Our Expertise Runs Deep

Our highly skilled team of qualified technical writers cover many industries, including healthcare, consumer packaged goods, banking/insurance/finance, information technologies, manufacturing, and engineering.

We’ll Customize a Team for You

Our experts will scale up or down depending on your technical writing project or long-term need. They are available full-time or part-time and can work remotely or onsite at your facilities as needed. You decide what experience level and background are required and we do the rest for you.  Creatives On Call is here to support your technical writing needs from strategy to execution.

FAQs Technical Writing and Documentation Services

Q: What are technical writing and documentation services?

A: Technical writing and documentation services involve creating and maintaining written content that explains complex technical information in a clear and concise manner. These services help companies communicate effectively with their audience, whether it's end-users, developers, or other stakeholders.

Q: What types of documents do technical writers create?

A: Technical writers create a variety of documents, including user manuals, installation guides, API documentation, online help systems, release notes, white papers, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training materials. They tailor the content to the specific needs of the target audience.

Q: Why are technical writing and documentation services important?

A: Technical writing and documentation services are important for several reasons:

  • Improved usability: Well-written documentation helps users understand and effectively use a product or service.
  • Reduced support costs: Clear instructions and troubleshooting information can minimize support requests and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Regulatory compliance: Documentation services ensure that companies adhere to industry standards and comply with regulations by providing accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Knowledge transfer: Documentation preserves organizational knowledge and facilitates its transfer to new employees or team members.
  • Enhancing brand reputation: High-quality documentation reflects positively on a company's professionalism and dedication to customer experience.

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