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Video Production Consulting

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Video Production and Consulting Services

Are you looking for a way to convert those prospective buyers into paying customers? Video marketing is a great tool for increasing your sales.

88% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI. 

The video experts from Creatives On Call know how to carefully handle all aspects of the video production process to help you reach more people and increase engagement.  

We use proven video production practices to educate and engage your audience. Our video production services will impress consumers and help you stand out.

In-House, Full-Service Video Production

We provide a full-service video production plan that will address all your production needs. Whether you need scripting, storyboarding, remote production, studio production, or high-end graphics, we will work hard to ensure the videos we create are of the highest quality and effectively address your goals. 

We know how to create videos that will motivate your target audience to take action. 

Designed For Quality, From Concept To Creation

The success of your video marketing is our priority. 

That’s why right from the start, we meet with you to identify your needs and goals. We then work with you to develop a production plan that will bring your concept to life.  Our mission is to streamline the process and deliver a final product that meets -- and hopefully surpasses -- your expectations.

Our comprehensive project management capabilities ensure your end product is tailored to your unique requirements, remains true to your company, and deliver a measurable ROI.

Our Proven Video Production Process

If you’re looking for your video content to have the most impact on your target audience, you can rely on our understanding of the intricacies of video production to deliver a successful product.

Our video production process is divided into three phases: 


First, we work with you to develop a budget, concept, script, and storyboard. Our team will then work to nail down specifics before we begin production. This typically includes scouting for locations, obtaining permits, auditioning talent, and finalizing the budget.


Once all elements are approved the production work will begin. We will schedule production days, organize crews, finalize location and sets, locate essential props, determine wardrobe needs, and approve lighting design.

  Whether your production is location-based or studio-based your production crew could include: 

  • Director
  • Director of Photography 
  • Audio Engineers
  • Gaffers and Grips
  • Set Stylist and Props Manager
  • Talent
  • Production Assistants

If motion graphics are built into the video plan, illustrators and animators would work to bring those elements into the final product.


This will include working with a video editor to bring all the elements together, including color correction, sound design, and graphic placement.

Video Consulting Services

Our video consulting professionals craft high-quality videos that will help move your business forward. We know how to transform a concept into an effective, engaging end product that will spotlight the best of your company.

We evaluate and optimize your current video content. That way you can monitor how your video is performing and ensure a positive ROI.

How Video Marketing Improves Brand Awareness

Video marketing is a valuable tool for creating an authentic and emotional connection with your audience. When you decide to add video as an element of your marketing plan, you increase the value of your brand. 

According to Forbes, 87% of marketers that used video said it gave them a positive return on their investment. Videos also helped to increase dwell time on their website. 

We understand how important it is for customers to know the brand or business they are engaging with. Our production consultants will work with you to create compelling videos that showcase your business or product.


What does a video consultant do?

A Creatives On Call video consultant will manage all aspects of the production process. They work with you and your team to produce a video tailored to your business goals.

What are the benefits of hiring a video consultant?

Our video consultants provide industry expertise in the ever-evolving field of video production.

We know how to craft high-quality videos that skillfully deliver your product message. 

When do I consider video as part of my marketing plan? 

Does your marketing plan call for a dynamic element to round out your next website update or advertising campaign? 

Do you need a robust component that will effectively reach your target audience?  

If so, then a video may be the answer, and contacting Creatives On Call will get you started.

What makes video content successful?

Successful video content is simple, engaging, and easy to digest. It should communicate why your brand or business is different. 

We create video content that addresses your goals with compelling visuals and a targeted message to elevate your brand over the competition.

Why do I need video production consulting services?

Technology advances daily.  

Unless someone on your team is dedicated to this field, you need an industry professional. 

Our consultants bring up-to-date production knowledge along with a creative background to turn your goals into a campaign element that delivers results.

Next Steps

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