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Data Visualization Consulting

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Data Visualization Consulting Service

Are you looking for faster, more informed decision-making capabilities among your manager or executives?

Data visualization is an incredibly powerful tool that can aid decision-making. At Creatives On Call, our data visualization experts take your collected data and convert it into a visually appealing report that will transform the way you look at your data. 

Your data has the potential to change your business model completely. However, if you don’t have the right data visualization tools it won’t make any difference.

Many businesses find their data to be confusing and unreadable. This is where data visualization comes in. 

Companies with the most advanced analytics capabilities are:

  • Twice as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries

  • Five times as likely to make decisions much faster than market peers

  • Three times as likely to execute decisions as intended

  • Twice as likely to use data very frequently when making decisions

Our world-class data visualization experts know how to utilize and gather insights from even the most complex data to help your managers and executives make better decisions. We are proficient in a variety of data visualization tools, such as Tableau, Power Bi, and Google Looker Studio that will completely change your data to have a positive impact on your business.  

We are the Ideal Data Visualization Consulting Company For You

As the demand for visualized data steadily increases, it becomes more important than ever to have accessible and uncomplicated data. 

Creatives On Call will help you collect the raw data and make it alluring. You don’t have to worry about being bored while compiling data. We use interactive data exploration tools to make the experience both simple and exciting.

We utilize the data you have collected and create a story. By adding visuals and a narrative, we bring your data visualizations to life. This ensures meaningful and relevant insights. 

Our goal is to make data analysis more accessible and understandable. That way employees, businesses, and stakeholders will have an understanding of the data and its impact. 

Moreover, we use tried and true data management techniques. This will ensure that your data never becomes so disorganized you are unable to understand it. This also helps to keep your data quality consistent, accurate, reliable, and complete. Which provides the opportunity to conduct future data visualization projects hassle-free.

Creatives On Call has a data specialization consultant specifically tailored to your needs. We understand there is no single system that will fix all data issues. This is why we curate visualization solutions to best fit your individual company’s goals.

Data Visualization Services We Offer

Creatives On Call offers a variety of data visualization services:

Personalized data visualization techniques 

We’ve found that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

We create visualization solutions tailored specifically for your collected client or business data. That way your managers and executives are making informed decisions based on data visualization tools that are designed with your company in mind. 

Customer-First Philosophy

Data visualization can be rendered useless if it doesn’t connect to the customer. 

Our experts use data science to create a customer-focused data strategy to meet your company's goals. Every time your managers and executives analyze a data visualization solution, they will know it was created with your customers in mind. 


You’ll never have to worry about who you’re working with or why your data visualizations aren’t consistent. 

We assign you a data visualization expert who you can trust, and there’s no question about who you will be working with. 

We also help you create consistency in all data visualizations, which will aid your managers and executives in faster, more informed decision-making. 

Provide Valuable Insights 

Our data visualization consultants are trained to find patterns and uncover emerging trends in your data.

We turn information into actionable insights for your managers and executives. 


Our 3-step Data Visualization Approach

Data visualization can be a powerful tool for decision-making. 

A study found that 48% of managers who use visual data discovery tools can find the information they need without the help of IT staff. Additionally, 74% of organizations that use visual data discovery empower managers to make decisions when necessary.

At Creatives On Call, we understand how important it is to reach solutions to complex problems faster. We create easy-to-understand data visualization reports for even the most intricate business data. These data visualization solutions will allow you to identify trends and patterns and ensure you can make decisions that will benefit your company. 

Consulting & Strategy: 

At Creatives On Call our goal is to ensure you are paired with the right data visualization expert who will meet your goals and ensure proper data visualization project satisfaction. 

Development: We take advantage of various data visualization techniques to give you a full view of your critical data and how it will impact your business. We have certified data visualization consultants who are proficient in data visualization software such as Tableau, Power BI, Google Looker Studio, and more. 

Support: Our data visualization experts deliver tested and accurate results. We also provide after-development support services. 

If your data visualization solutions are not performing to your expectations, we will adjust the visualization techniques to help you uncover insights and improve business performance.

Data Visualization Techniques We Use

Different Types of Data Visualizations: While the most common type of data visualization is a chart, that may not be the best fit for you. Our data visualization consultants are experts in data engineering techniques. 

We utilize these skills to create the right visualization solutions that will have the most impact on your critical data. 

Some examples of data visualizations include but are not limited to:

  • Chart: Presents data in a graphical form and is typically depicted as a graph, diagram, or map.
  • Graph: Utilizes points, lines, segments, or curves to showcase how the variables from the data compare to one another. Usually showcased along an x-y axis. 
  • Table: displays data into rows and columns.
  • Geospatial: more commonly known as a map. This utilizes various shapes and colors to highlight the relationship between the data and locations.
  • Infographic: mix of graph and diagram, this uses a combination of visuals and words to present the data in an engaging, easy-to-understand format.
  • Pie Chart: a circular chart with triangle segments that show the data as a percentage of the whole.  
  • Our data visualization consultants are experts at showcasing your data in a simple but effective way.

Data Science: We know how to take your vast amounts of data and turn that into insights, such as patterns you might have missed. 

We can also identify future patterns in the business or product, and help you understand confusing data.

Data Storytelling: We utilize data visualization tools to create a narrative and visuals. We turn ordinary data into a story that translates into actionable insights for both the business and the client. 

Dashboards and spreadsheets only tell you what is happening. They don’t tell you why. The consultants from Creatives On Call will turn that information into a compelling narrative that drives actionable outcomes.

Data Warehousing: Do you have a large amount of data you aren’t sure what to do with? We know how to utilize data engineering to create a top-notch data management system. 

Our experts are trained in methods that will centralize and consolidate large amounts of data from many sources. We then turn that information into easily accessible data analysis. This translates into valuable insights for your business.

Data Visualization Tools We Work With

We proudly advertise as platform agnostic. We specialize (but are not limited to) each of the software systems below:

Power BI: This versatile tool provides even nontechnical users with the tools to analyze, visualize and share data. This incredibly user-friendly service quickly creates visually appealing reports you can use immediately for faster decision-making results.  

We utilize this visualization tool to make your data easy to analyze. We also can create a robust strategy to share your data across various platforms, so that you can get a high ROI.

Google Looker Studio: This useful online tool converts your data into customizable and informative reports. We use this tool to transform your data into clear and concise reports that are SEO-friendly and help drive traffic to your website. 

Tableau: This interactive data visualization software transforms the way businesses use and analyze data. Each of our data visualization consultants is proficient in this visual analytics service. We use this tool to simplify your data so that all professionals at any level in your organization can easily understand your important data. 

Next Steps

Are you ready to take care of all that confusing and disorganized data? 

Partner with Creatives On Call to get started putting powerful analytics to work for your company. That way you can make well-informed decisions that will positively impact and grow your business. 

We are ready to take your business to the next level. Fill out our user-friendly contact form to get started today!

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