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Corporate Training Consulting

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Corporate Training Consulting

What is Corporate Training Consulting?

At Creatives On Call, we provide corporate training solutions to help organizations develop programs and learning courses for any industry. Our training solutions range from executive training and train-the-trainer programs to custom eLearning development and one-on-one consulting — and everything in between.

Whether you need help developing internal or external training courses, our team will start with understanding your needs. We’ll then develop the right corporate training solution that engages your audience and brings the energy and industry-proven training techniques you need to be successful.

Types of Corporate Training

Creatives On Call has your corporate training needs covered. From internal employee training to external workshops our professional training consultants will meet with you to understand your needs. The types of training programs we can help with include:

Employee Training. Critical to an individual’s success, employee training helps them improve their skills or learn new ones, while staying abreast of technology and industry changes. 

Executive Coaching. Designed to grow and develop the leaders within your organization, our executive coaching consultants will focus on individual strengths and weaknesses to design a program tailored to the executive. 

Customer Training. From online video tutorials to instructor-led virtual training, and everything in between we’ll help develop a program to walk customers through your product or service offerings. This training is designed to drive customer engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Industry Workshops. Designing a curriculum of courses that can be sold to customers and prospects is a profitable way to utilize the industry experts within your organizaitons. 

The options for training solutions are endless, but not every organization has the time or resources to develop high-quality corporate training programs in-house. That’s where Creatives On Call can help.

What is Corporate Training for Employees?

Change is inevitable in business. From technological and new product developments to regulatory and industry changes, employees must stay on top of what’s new, different, and unique about their roles within the company structure. But these aren’t the only uses for training. Safety, onboarding, and managerial soft skills are also critical training courses needed to advance employees’ skills and develop well-rounded individuals.

Developing and strengthening an employee’s skill set not only helps entire teams thrive but also helps organizations develop and grow.  Our professional corporate trainers can help your teams:

  • Improve productivity

  • Increase employee performance

  • Remain current on industry standards and regulations

  • Learn new programs, products, or services

  • Advanced leadership, technological or other skills

  • And more!

What is Corporate Training for Customers?

Providing your customers with product or service tutorial and training, especially right after purchase, will help familiarize your customer with your brand and product. Providing this level of detail shows your customer you care about their success and helps:

  • Reduce questions and confusion about your product or service 

  • Reduce calls to your customer service team

  • Increase product or service usage

  • Increase engagement with your brand

  • Build loyalty to your product or service

What is Corporate Training for Industry Workshops?

Your internal subject matter experts are valuable to the industry you serve. If you receive requests for external presentations and workshops led by your team members, our corporate training experts can help develop a program that is profitable, customized, and highly engaging to your target audiences. Industry workshops and presentations:

  • Provide a targeted and profitable way to utilize your internal knowledge

  • Give industry professionals access to your internal subject matter experts

  • Serve as a gateway to other product and service purchases

Benefits of Utilizing Corporate Training Services

Our training consultants are focused on customized a program that fits your needs. We’ll take an outside, non-biased view of your training opportunity and design a solution that works for your employee and customer base. Our training consultants will evaluate and recommend the right tools and technologies to enhance in-person or online programs. Utilizing our corporate training consulting services provides:

  • Expert Corporate Trainers: You’ll have access to the best in the industry who will create the corporate training courses that will best benefit your organization.

  • Technology Solutions: Our team will work with whatever existing technology you have so that program changes, updates and enhancements are seamless. 

  • Creative Delivery: No training program will be successful if it doesn’t keep the attention of your audience. Our training consultants bring creative ideas to keep engagement and information retention high.

  • Project Management: From start to finish, our team keeps your training program development moving to meet your deadlines and get your training off the ground.

Our Process

Your Creatives On Call corporate training team will develop a solution that fits your needs, company culture, and audience experience level. We’ll build customized training programs that include:

  • Discovery Phase: We’ll start by evaluating your current programs and courses. Our training experts will dive deep into the training resources you use and discuss what’s working and not working.

  • Design Phase: Our team will design and develop a solution that enhances your programs and fills in any missing training gaps.

  • Facilitation Phase: We’ll help you facilitate your program or provide train-the-trainer courses.

  • Evaluation Phase: Our training experts will help determine the goals and metrics needed to evaluate your training program’s ongoing success.

Custom Plans for Your Company’s Success

Whether you have a robust internal training team who needs additional support, or you need help developing a new program from scratch, our consultants will custom-design training programs for your needs. We’ll match you with the right training consultants who understand your industry and organization.

There is rarely a one-size-fits-all program. We’ll identify those needs, define the training required, set objectives, and develop a one-of-a-kind solution specifically for your company.


Types of Corporate Training Programs

The structure of the corporate training program designed for you will depend on several factors. The size of your organization, your culture, your targeted audiences, and the resources available will all play an important role. Our experts work with you to determine what format works best – instructor-led courses, on-the-job training, online programs or a hybrid solution. We’ll also talk through the kinds of training you need, which may include:

  • Product or Service Tutorials: software, product assembly

  • Career and Leadership Training: executive coaching, mentoring, one-on-one

  • New product or Software Training: CRM, ERP, company/industry product learning

  • Certification Courses: regulatory, compliance, skills

  • Sales Training: pitching, closing deals, increasing performance

  • Safety Protocols: equipment, emergency, driving

  • General: team building, assessments, behavioral and personality, onboarding

Measurement Matters

If you aren’t evaluating your training programs on an ongoing basis, how will you know if it’s working? There are many ways to evaluate the success of your program based on the type and structure of your curriculum. Your Creatives On Call experts have worked with numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS) and are well-versed in developing training that is compliant with industry standards such as the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and the Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC).

A few things to consider before and after training:

  • Set measurable goals (ex. 10% increase in sales)

  • Monitor employee and/or customer performance

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction

  • Survey employees and/or customers for feedback

You should also consider in-program testing to see what your audiences are learning. If test scores are low, you will need to re-evaluate the courses and how they are administered. All of these measurements are designed to make your programs better and be sure your audiences are retaining, understanding, and incorporating the learned skills.

Make Training Engaging

Corporate training should be engaging and entertaining. Setting expectations and providing an understanding of training goals should be clearly communicated. A corporate training consultant will help develop an interactive, fun, and fulfilling experience for your audiences. Consider these techniques to keep people engaged:

  • Celebrate training successes: Training accomplishments should be acknowledged and rewarded when possible. Offering incentives and milestone rewards will keep employees engaged and encouraged to participate.  

  • Add variety. People learn differently: What works for one may not work for another. You likely have visual learners, people who learn by doing, and others who do best one-on-one with an instructor. Utilize a variety of training types to make certain you’re setting up your audiences for success.

  • Gamify the process: Take it to the next level through gamification training with daily goals or streaks, mini-games and quizzes, rewards and badges, and competitions. Fun and interactive storytelling and rewarding games are memorable, encourage participation, and help inspire action.

How We Can Help

At Creatives On Call, we have a team of corporate training consultants readily available. Our experts use high-quality training resources and best practices to design a program specific to your organization. We will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can even provide ongoing support by working closely with your existing team long-term or initiate temp-to-hire opportunities. We’re here to support your training consulting services needs from strategy to execution and fill any talent void you’re experiencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a corporate training consultant?

A. A corporate training consultant evaluates existing organizational training programs and develops, modifies, and updates them as needed to fit the organization's training needs.

Q. What does a corporate training team do?

A. A corporate training team will work collaboratively with internal departments to identify training needs, develop a curriculum, create course materials, implement the right tools for execution, and evaluate the program's success.

Q. What skills should a corporate trainer have?

A. A corporate trainer typically has in-depth knowledge of training program designs, instructional methods, and training techniques. They are proficient in technology-based learning management systems (LMS) and have strong collaborative skills.

Q. What is the objective of corporate training?

A. Corporate training aims to enhance skills, decrease confusion, and increase loyalty — to help your audience succeed. Objectives of training courses often include:

  • Providing employees with the right tools and education to master the skills needed to perform their jobs.

  • Increasing the retention rate of current employees.

  • Increasing customer brand and product loyalty.

  • Generating income through subject matter expertise.

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