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Instructional Design Consulting

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Instructional Design Consulting Services

Training Programs and Courses Designed for You

Whether you need to make improvements in your current training and educational courses or need an entirely new program developed and built, our instructional design consultants will tailor a program that fits your organization’s learning objectives and needs.

Our experts will work within the learning platforms you’re already using or we’ll recommend a platform that will fit your needs. Our team has experience with Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Trailhead, Lector, and more.  The design, development, and production of your courses will be unique to your needs and how your learners comprehend information. 

How do we do that?

Techniques for Motivating and Engaging Learners

Creatives on Call will match your instructional design needs with the right instructional design consultants who will customize programs that match your learners’ knowledge base and education level. From process and technical training to legal and compliance training and everything in between, our experienced and passionate team will get creative to ensure your training is successful. 

Our instructional designers use best practices when developing your program including utilizing the most widely used methodologies such as the ADDIE model, Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, or Bloom’s Taxonomy. 
The types of learning solutions and techniques vary widely and will be based on your learning objectives but may include:

  • Storytelling videos: Providing training through the art of storytelling is engaging and relatable. Stories can be powerful and help learners comprehend information faster.

  • Microlearning: Training through microlearning provides learners with snippets of information in the form of short videos, pop-up quizzes, or social media posts. They are easily digestible for busy learners who don’t have time to sit through hours of training at one time. 

  • Gamification: Utilizing games in your training sessions brings fun, interaction and friendly competition. Learners can participate and collect coins, badges and more all while learning.

  • Simulations: Many people learn by doing. When utilizing simulation in your training, learners will actually perform a task, test software or interact with a customer as if it was really happening.

  • Motion Graphics/Animation: Strong visuals almost always create stronger reactions. Motion Graphics/Animations are less intimidating and generally keep the learner’s attention longer.

The Instructional Design Process

We start by getting to know you and your organizational goals. We meet with your department leaders and subject matter experts, so we understand the instructional design strategies and coursework needed, make certain information is technically accurate and that we’re using the proper terms and details unique to your industry and organization. 

Phase 1: Discovery

We dive deep into your specific learning objectives and what your organizational learning outcomes need to be. What’s included:

  • Outline and understanding of organizational learning and learner goals

  • Program and course strategies

  • Assessment and evaluation objectives

 Phase 2: Content and Creative

We make certain we are capturing the right sentiment, structure, and activities for your learners so that they stay engaged and leave each session refreshed and ready to tackle their jobs. What’s included:

  • Curriculum outlines and course development

  • Audio scripts

  • Storyboards and graphical keyframe development 

  • Production and execution of program and course(s)

 Phase 3: Materials and Evaluations

We don’t walk away once your program and courses are developed. We make sure you have the right materials, documentation, and evaluations needed for a successful course and ensure your overall learning program is effective. What’s included (this varies based on the need):

  • Training materials (PowerPoint presentations, guides, manuals)

  • Train-the-trainer documents

  • Learner activity materials

  • Assessment and evaluation methods

Instructional Design Consultant

Industries We Serve

Instructional design models vary widely and can be customized and used in many industries. Because Creatives On Call has a wide range of consultants with varied backgrounds and instructional learning experiences, we can deploy instructional designers that have direct instructional design experience in almost any industry. From biotech and pharmaceutical to financial, manufacturing, and healthcare services, we’ll help design programs and courses to fit your organizational and industry needs.

How We Can Help

We have a team of instructional designers available for all your learning solution and training program objectives. Our experts will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can even provide ongoing support by working closely with your existing team long-term or work with you to improve your team. We’re here to support your needs from strategy to instructional design program execution, and fill the talent void you’re experiencing internally.


Q: What value do highly specialized instructional designers add to the learning process?

A: There is a science to developing training programs that provide the learning outcomes organizations need. Highly specialized instructional designers are creative and experienced in developing courses people will engage with and learn from. Using established and proven methodologies, they are skilled in developing programming that leads to better-trained employees.

Q: What techniques do instructional design experts use to motivate and engage learners?

A: There are many different techniques used in instructional learning. An experienced instructional designer will first understand your organization’s learning objectives and audience before recommending specific techniques such as simulation, gamification, and animation. 

Q: What's the most effective way of delivering a learning course?

A: Instructional learning delivery methods vary based on the organizational structure, its employees' educational level, and the company's technological resources. Methods may include virtual classrooms, online and mobile learning, and instructional interaction. 

Q: What factors influence the strategy of a learning course?

A: When developing training programs, a specialized instructional designer will evaluate an organization’s learning needs, audit current strategies and courses and understand how learners will engage with various techniques. A customized strategy and action plan is then developed to meet the organization’s unique learning needs.

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