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Mobile App UI/UX Design Services

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Mobile App UI/UX Design Services

Good UX design can increase conversion of users into customers up to 400% and a good UI design can increase them by up to 200%. 

Creatives On Call provides everything you need to increase your conversion rates. From back-end developers to graphic designers to copywriters, each of our experts comes together quickly to form an effective team. When you partner with us you’re getting the best high-quality mobile UX and UI design work for your site or app. 

We offer both mobile UX and UI design services. While UX and UI are often used interchangeably, they have vastly different functions and goals. For this reason, it's important to understand the difference and how each impact mobile design. 

UX design, or user experience, focuses on the usability and functionality that makes the software easy to use. Its primary focus is on how users interact with your mobile design. A variety of product development is involved to ensure users have a positive experience with your product or service. This includes:

  • Branding
  • Usability 
  • Function
  • Design

The goal of an effective mobile UX design is to have your user leave the site feeling satisfied.

On the other hand, UI design, or user interface, focuses on the look and feel of the mobile interface. UI design takes into consideration things like: 

  • Images
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Buttons or widgets

The mobile UI designers from Creatives On Call work hard to ensure every stage of your interface, the visual elements, transitions, and animations, result in a smooth user experience. Our ultimate goal is to build a user experience that keeps consumers engaged and continuing to return to your site.  Our team creates mobile design experiences that are:

  • Visually appealing
  • Easy to navigate
  • Dynamic
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Responsive
  • Bug-free

When you partner with our mobile app design services we provide you with experts in both UX and UI design. Our team understands the intricacies of each design application and how it impacts mobile design. You can rest easy knowing we will help you develop a dynamic design that meets industry standards and offers your users a world-class experience. We offer this all in-house so you won’t have to worry about managing communication between several companies.

Our Mobile UX and UI Design Services

Did you know that 85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should look better than their desktop website?

At Creatives On Call, we offer comprehensive mobile UX and UI design services to help you build a first-class mobile experience.

These are just some of the UX and UI design services that we offer: 

UX Wireframe Designs

As we begin the project, we undertake wireframing, which is an essential element of the design process. During this stage, we get feedback from both you as the client and potential users. 

We use wireframing to:

  • Create a simplified representation of the digital product. 
  • Provide you with an early visual you can review.
  • Collaborate on ideas and solutions.

Our intricate process ensures we build a mobile UX Design that is exactly what you want. You won’t have to worry about reworks or unsatisfactory UX designs. Our collaborative wireframe approach will save you time, money, and stress since we work closely with you from the start to ensure you are satisfied with the project. 


Custom Android & iOS App UI Design

The experts from Creatives On Call create customizable mobile applications ranging in complexity and size. We can help you create user-friendly apps for any operating system. 

We understand how to lay out applications and how to translate an app from one platform to another. 

Mobile UX and UI Design

Our mobile design consultants are trained in the latest design tools and techniques in both UX and UI design. We create custom designs that include a responsive layout, navigation, data architecture, and content hierarchy. Our goal is to increase user engagement which will persuade customers to spend more time on your site.

Our UX design services include:

  • Content strategy development 
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Analysis

Our UX engineers and designers will make your interface function flawlessly.

Additionally, our UI design services include:

  • Helping you to create and establish a visual brand style for your product or service.
  • Building and optimizing visual design elements.
  • Implementing an interactive design that creates a positive user experience. 
  • A responsive design that is accessible across a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Our visual designers enhance the user's experience by producing beautiful interfaces that are high-quality UI. 

User Experience (UX) Design and Testing

As part of our mobile app design services, we work with you to test various aspects of your UX design to determine the best way for your mobile interface to interact with your audience. 

The way we achieve this is by collecting information regarding usability and overall experience from users during our design process. This can include:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Observations

Our goal is to ensure efficiency and identify poor workflow. We focus on creating a high-performing UX process that will excite your audience to interact with your design leaving you satisfied with the final product.

Our UX and UI Design Process

We offer comprehensive mobile UX and UI design services that focus on delivering an optimal user experience. 

Below is an outline of our 3-step process:


Before we start the mobile app design process, we identify your target audience. Then we conduct comprehensive interviews that will identify user behavior and customer needs.

We will use this valuable information to make important decisions on how the product will function and look. 


Our designers are creative market researchers who know how to ask the right questions and discover what your target audience wants. 

Wireframing is a crucial part of the design process for the user interface. Our designers create wireframes to organize ideas and processes so that you can stay updated every step of the way. 


It’s important to understand how your UX design is performing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive analysis of your current design so we can work to increase your user retention and appeal to new consumers. 

"Good UX design can increase conversion of users into customers up to 400% and a good UI design can increase them by up to 200%." - Eleken

We also offer a comprehensive process for our UI services.


We develop programs that are designed to help you attract new customers and retain existing customers. 

Our team will take into account business goals, consumer needs, competition, and market trends. 

Our final UI designs include appropriate themes, colors, and visuals that will leave you satisfied with your final product and connect with the user. 

Support and Maintenance

Your app design depends on high functionality and performance. That’s why the team from Creatives On Call will be there to help you after the launch should any issues come up. We want to make sure your design is bug-free and performing for you so that you are satisfied with your ROI. 

If you're looking for the best mobile UX and UI design services, you can count on us to deliver a superb product.

Why Choose Creatives On Call for Mobile UX and UI Design?

We will help you design an innovative mobile app that anticipates the future of your business. Our strategy and design pros use the best tools on the market to suit and engage your users.

According to a recent study, 32% of individuals said they would stop interacting with a brand after one bad experience. At Creatives On Call, understand the impact a good design can have on your business. We know how to use Mobile UX and UI design to improve the quality and customer perception of your business.  

That’s why so many companies choose to partner with us. We will help you create effective experiences that make your brand shine with value while accelerating your company’s growth! 

Next Steps

Ready to get started? Click here to fill out an application form today and our team will be in touch with you soon! 

FAQs Mobile UI/UX Design Services

Q: What are Mobile UI/UX Design Services?

A: Mobile UI/UX Design Services involve the professional expertise and assistance provided by designers to create user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces for mobile applications. UI (User Interface) design focuses on the look and feel of the mobile app, while UX (User Experience) design aims to enhance the overall user satisfaction and usability of the app.

Q: Why are Mobile UI/UX Design Services important for mobile applications?

A: Mobile UI/UX Design Services are crucial for mobile applications because they contribute to an intuitive and engaging user experience. Well-designed interfaces enhance usability, navigation, and visual appeal, leading to increased user adoption, retention, and customer satisfaction. They also help differentiate the app from competitors and support the achievement of business goals.

Q: How can Mobile UI/UX Design Services benefit my mobile application?

A: Mobile UI/UX Design Services provide several benefits for mobile applications, including:

  • Enhanced user experience: Well-designed interfaces improve usability, ease of navigation, and overall satisfaction for app users.
  • Increased user engagement: Engaging and visually appealing designs encourage users to spend more time within the app and explore its features.
  • Higher conversion rates: Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces can lead to increased conversions and achieve desired actions within the app, such as purchases or sign-ups.
  • Brand consistency: UI/UX designers ensure that the mobile app design aligns with your brand identity, maintaining consistency across different touchpoints.
  • Competitive advantage: A well-designed mobile app can set your business apart from competitors, attracting and retaining users.

Q: Can Mobile UI/UX Design professionals assist with usability testing?

A: Yes, Mobile UI/UX Design professionals can conduct usability testing to evaluate the app's user-friendliness, effectiveness, and efficiency. They design test scenarios, observe user interactions, collect feedback, and analyze the results. Usability testing helps identify pain points, usability issues, and areas

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