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Marketing Strategy Consultant Services

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Marketing Strategy Consultant Services

Today’s Marketing Funnel is Complicated

It’s no secret that understanding how and when to engage with your target audiences is the key to your brand’s success, but capturing their attention is as challenging as ever. The consumer path to purchase isn’t always crystal clear. The traditional path a customer takes through the “marketing funnel” today isn’t always “traditional.” Customers can now enter your funnel at all stages along the way. So, how does your brand stay relevant and capture customers’ attention with the right messages at the right time? 

It all starts with a marketing strategy.

A Marketing Strategy Keeps You — and Your Customer — Focused

Whether you’re entering a new market, starting a new division, launching a new product, or reassessing and navigating through industry changes, a marketing strategy consultant will immerse themselves in your products and/or services. They will help you understand your market and market positioning while identifing your target customers and their needs, and design a measurable strategy for execution. Their role is to help differentiate you from your competitor and move your audience to take action by purchasing your product, supporting your cause, utilizing your services, or anything in between.

Our team of marketing strategists will help you do just that. We’ll match you with the right expert who can come in at any stage of your planning process – from researching your target audiences to developing your entire strategy. Our experts are flexible and available when and where you need them. 

Executing a Plan with the Right Tools

In today’s always-on, fragmented media landscape, your customers are bombarded with thousands of daily ads and brand exposures. How to reach them and foster engagement that ultimately leads to a sale requires a focused and disciplined approach to your execution.

  • Do you have the right team in place?
  • Do you have the tools you need to track and measure success?
  • Is your sales team equipped with materials and information?

 Asking the right questions and evaluating what’s needed will not only help you execute successfully, but it will also help you determine if what you’re doing is moving the needle. Our marketing strategy consultants know exactly what to ask and will help evaluate what your team needs to succeed.

"Contextual ads drive about three times more engagement than the traditional formats." - Forbes

How We Can Help

We have a team of marketing strategy consultants available with various backgrounds. Our experts will scale up or scale down depending on your project need. We can even provide ongoing support for long-term projects or help you improve your team. We’re here to support your needs from strategy to execution and fill the talent void you’re experiencing internally.


Our Offerings

Marketing strategy consulting encompasses a wide range of services. We’ll get to know your company, products/services and your team’s needs before we match you with the expert with the right skill set for your needs.  A few of our marketing strategy offerings include:

Strategy and Plan Development

Whether for a short-term project or a year-long campaign, we will help you develop a roadmap for execution and set up a framework to measure success. We can help with defining goals and objectives, conducting leadership and subject matter expert discovery sessions, market research and competitor analysis, brand or customer acquisition strategies, channel identification strategies, go-to-market plans, or anything in between.

Customer Insights and Analytics

Understanding who your customer is through qualitative and quantitative data and learning how they behave is critical in the strategy process. We’ll help identify the customer journey so you can deliver relevant messaging at the right time to increase response rates and customer loyalty.

Marketing Audit

Sometimes all you need is to evaluate your current strategies and tactics. We’ll bring a fresh, big-picture perspective to analyze your current plan and provide insight into what’s working, what’s not, and what to change.

Project Management 

Project management requires specific skills to keep teams and projects on track for execution. Our project management specialists can effectively manage individual projects or develop on-going campaigns from beginning to end. They are available to move into and out of a project as needed. 

Tactical Execution

Once the strategy is developed, you’ll need the staff to execute quickly and efficiently. Our marketing, digital, communications and advertising specialists can support your project and campaign execution at any stage of the strategy.

FAQs Marketing Strategy Consultant

Q: What is a marketing strategy consultant?

A: A marketing strategy consultant is a professional who specializes in providing expert advice and guidance to businesses and organizations regarding their marketing efforts. They help develop and implement effective marketing strategies to achieve business goals, enhance brand visibility, attract customers, and increase revenue.

Q: Why is marketing strategy important for businesses?

A: Marketing strategy is crucial for businesses because it outlines the overall approach and direction for achieving marketing objectives. It helps businesses identify target markets, position their products or services, differentiate themselves from competitors, determine effective communication channels, allocate resources, and maximize return on investment. A well-crafted marketing strategy ensures that marketing activities are aligned with broader business objectives.

Q: What services can a marketing strategy consultant provide?

A: Marketing strategy consultants can provide a range of services, including:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Target audience identification and segmentation
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing plan development
  • Pricing and product strategy
  • Marketing channel selection and optimization
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Measurement and analytics

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