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Social Media Management and Content Creation

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Social Media Management and Content Creation

Drive Results with Engaging Social Media Content Creation

Creative and compelling social media content that speaks to your target audience will drive social engagement and build brand loyalty. Without it, your brand can appear out-of-touch and irrelevant on social media platforms. No matter your brand's industry, Creatives On Call has the social media content creation services to help build your social media presence from beginning to end.

Our social media content creators use consumer data and insights to tailor social media marketing solutions that will work best for your brand. Our content creators get to know your brand voice to ensure the right tone and delivery are used throughout the execution of your social media content strategy.

Social Media Content Creation and Management Capabilities

Managing social media channels takes time, resources, and diligence to make an impact. Our social media management and content creation services include planning, executing, managing, and measuring your social media marketing strategy. Our services and capabilities are broad. Our experts can come in at the beginning when a strategy and plan are needed or they can help execute daily postings and ongoing measurement. Our team can also complete a social media audit if you need to step back and evaluate what’s working and what’s not so you can course correct if needed. Our flexibility will match your needs. 

Social Media Strategy Development

Our social media content creation team will work to understand your brand, your social media marketing goals, and the audiences you need to reach. We’ll audit your current participation and review your results to date. We’ll then develop a solid plan for every aspect of your social media presence that outlines the content strategy, engagement plan, monitoring resources, and measurement.

Social Media Accounts Setup and Optimization

We’ll analyze your social media accounts, pages, and profiles to determine if your accounts are set up properly and optimized to reach your goals. Our social media content creators will clean them up, add missing details, and build out your profiles as needed.

Daily Content Sharing

Amplifying and creating content daily is critical to getting your brand the exposure it needs to increase followers, build awareness, and increase sales. Our social media content creators will develop a detailed content marketing calendar and social media campaigns to keep you on track with pre-planned content that can be scheduled for delivery.   

Social Media Content Creation Tools

Our social media content creators will recommend the right social media content creation tools that work for your brand and team. From monitoring engagement and tracking and facilitating conversations to measuring results, the proper tool will increase your success and give you a broad view of what’s working and what’s not. These tools are designed to make your life easier and provide an easy way to remain diligent and focused on your content marketing and social media strategy.

Tracking and Measuring Success

Every piece of content will focus on getting results that are trackable and relevant to your business, from clicks, views, and follower growth to engagement and shares. Whether we’re driving your target audiences to a purchase page, landing page, blog, or video, we’ll be certain we can monitor and track success. Metrics can include:

  • Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, retweets, @mentions, etc.
  • Awareness metrics such as impressions and reach
  • Share of Voice metrics when comparing against your competitors
  • ROI metrics such as referrals to website, conversions, click-through rates
  • Customer service metrics

Crisis Management

Every brand should have a social media crisis plan that includes the details and resources needed to deploy and take action quickly and strategically. Our social media crisis experts will help develop a plan and provide training on what to do when a crisis hits.


Social Media Content Services

Our social media content creation services include experienced strategists and writers specializing in the social media platforms your brand is on. Not sure where you need to be? We can help with that, too. Our social media content creators will provide recommendations based on which platforms your target audience is using and where they are most active.

Each social platform requires a different approach, has its own quirks and characteristics and calls for different types of content. It’s also important to note that participating in social media should be based on your budget. If your budget is limited, we’ll help you prioritize which platforms to focus on rather than trying to be everywhere with little success. 

Facebook Content Creation Services

According to Sprout Social, Facebook is the largest social media platform with the most active monthly users. Our social media content creators will develop content focused on optimization and industry best practices. Our social media content creators keep your audiences in mind when developing content calendars and determining the length of posts and the imagery used — all designed to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

Instagram Content Creation Services

Pictures mean more than words on Instagram. Strong images and engaging videos dominate the space. Our social media content creators will help you create the reels, stories, and highlights your brand needs to capture attention and build a following.

Twitter Content Creation Services

Twitter is focused on having conversations in 280 characters at a time. Our social media content creators are experienced in developing the small nuggets of creative, conversational, and engaging content your brand needs to be successful on this platform. From optimizing your profile to using the right hashtags, our team will develop Twitter content to grow your audience, traffic, and conversions.

YouTube Content Creation Services

According to HubSpot, YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world behind Google. It is the perfect social media platform for sharing tutorials, vlogs, Q&As, and more. From creating custom thumbnails to building your channel and playlists, our seasoned social media content creators will help you develop a video content strategy to inform, engage, and convert your target audiences.

TikTok Content Creation Services

According to TikTok, over one billion people turn to the platform to be entertained and learn new things. Our social media content creators will help you dive into TikTok to understand the nuances, the active audiences on the platform, and the types of content that will work best for your brand.

Pinterest Content Creation Services

Active Pinterest users are doers looking for their next project or product that will get their creative juices flowing. Our social media content creators will develop a Pinterest content strategy that drives website clicks, inspires customers, and potential customers, while reaching the right DIYers that fit your brand. Better engagement leads to more viewings of your Pins, and we’ll show you how it’s done.

LinkedIn Content Creation Services

Our social media content creators will develop a content strategy to generate great conversations and position your brand as an industry expert. Our experienced writers can also help optimize the pages of your sales team or other client-facing employees, so they’re making the right connections and sharing helpful and targeted information with followers.

We’ll Save You Time and Resources

Our social media content creators work fast and effective. Once they understand your brand and audience, they will hit the ground running and deliver the social media content creation strategy you need to move your business forward. While you stay focused on other pieces of the business, our team will focus on producing the high-quality, fresh content you need to attract, engage, and convert your audiences through social media.

How We Can Help

We have a team of social media marketing strategists and social media content creators available. We will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can provide ongoing support for long-term projects or support and improve your existing team. We’re here to support your social media content creation needs from strategy to execution and fill any internal talent void you’re experiencing.

Whether you need one social media consultant to work with your existing resources or you need a team of project managers, copywriters, production artists, and designers, Creatives On Call has you covered. 

Let’s Get Started!

Social Media Management and Content Creation FAQs

Have specific questions about social media marketing? Here’s a place to start. We’re happy to talk through these and more with you as you evaluate your options.

Q. What is social media content creation?

A. Social media content creation is the development of engaging content in social media marketing. Content is used to reach target audiences through social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Q. How does social media content help my brand?

A.  Creating social media content helps a brand communicate with target audiences through social media channels they participate in. It keeps the brand top-of-mind with consumers, builds loyalty, and influences purchases. 

Q. What should the ideal frequency and timing be for social media posts?

A. The timing and frequency of developing engaging content for social media will vary by brand and industry. It depends on how often and when a brand’s target audiences are most engaged and receptive to seeing brand communication. Our social media content creators will help determine the ideal timing and frequency of posting. 

Q. How does social media content align with my overall content marketing strategy?

A.  Social media content creation is an important piece of your overall content marketing strategy. Creatives On Call will match you with the right social media content creators who will ensure your social content helps deliver on your marketing goals.

 Q. Which social media platforms do you offer social media content creation services for?

A. Our social media content creators specialize in all social channels. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and TikTok, our team will recommend which platforms you need to be on to reach your targeted audiences.

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