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Unleash Growth Potential With Ecommerce Reporting

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Ecommerce reporting is essential for retail brands looking to accelerate online growth and outperform the competition. According to ecommerce data from 2022, there are over 268 million online shoppers in the United States, which equates to about 70% of the overall population. This creates a need for in-depth and timely ecommerce reporting to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences and market trends.

By tracking key sales, customer, marketing and operational metrics, ecommerce merchants can gain data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions across the business. As an industry-leading marketing and creative consultancy, Creatives On Call understands the power of analytics and reporting to unlock a brand’s digital potential.

We’ll unpack the range of essential data that ecommerce stores should be monitoring, and we’ll cover just how Creatives On Call can help your business with:

  • Optimizing sales performance through tracking revenue, conversions, order value and more.
  • Understanding customer behavior such as acquisition sources and funnel analysis.
  • Improving marketing return on investment (ROI) via channel cost and revenue data.
  • Streamlining operations by connecting metrics to sales patterns.
  • Building tailored analytics frameworks scaled to business growth.
  • Providing strategic recommendations to boost ecommerce returns.

Armed with the right reporting and an analytics-driven mindset, we help online retailers confidently scale while providing a top-notch customer experience.

What Is Ecommerce Reporting?

Ecommerce reporting, supported by advanced data visualization tools, refers to the in-depth tracking and analysis of business metrics and data from online retail activities. This process enables online retailers to gain actionable insights into their operations, using techniques such as key performance indicators (KPIs) for comprehensive assessments. Creatives On Call offers comprehensive analytics services to meet all data tracking and reporting needs. This includes configuring custom dashboards, building reporting tools customized to how your business scales and providing expert strategic advice to boost returns from your ecommerce efforts.

Robust ecommerce reporting pulls data from both the ecommerce platform itself as well as external analytics tools. Merchants can then develop custom dashboards, historical performance benchmarks and data models upon which to base key decisions. Advanced analytics uncovers hidden patterns within retail metrics.

Creatives On Call’s team of digital commerce strategists partner with retailers to plan and maintain tailored analytics frameworks that translate data into actionable next steps.

Types of Ecommerce Reports

Getting actionable insights from ecommerce data starts by building the right reports focused on KPIs and objectives. While dashboarding tools offer premade templates, custom building allows optimal tracking of digital retail metrics for smart decision-making, which the experts at Creatives On Call can create based on your unique KPIs, data integrations and visualization needs.

Key ecommerce report category examples include:

  • Sales reports: Assess top-line performance on revenue, transactions, conversion rates, order values and more.
  • Traffic analytics: Gain insight into visitor volume, site entry/exit pages and device breakdowns.
  • Marketing analysis: Quantifies channel costs, attribution and ROI plus campaign specifics.
  • Customer segmentation: Profiles audience cohorts by behavior, demographics, lifetime value and other traits.
  • Inventory: Examine supply levels, sales velocity and demand forecasting to plan production.
  • Fulfillment: Review operational metrics of shipping times/costs, returns and payment processing.

Creatives On Call understands that the power of ecommerce reporting comes from tailoring dashboards and KPIs to business priorities rather than getting lost in oceans of general data. The right foundation unlocks insights to confidently scale.

Monitoring Sales Performance and Revenue Growth

Understanding sales performance should be the cornerstone of an ecommerce reporting strategy. Creatives On Call retail strategist advisors can assist online retailers with establishing clear benchmarks and trends across key metrics, which enables them to measure progress against growth targets and optimize any underperforming parts of the customer journey.

Crucial sales data to track includes:

  • Total revenue changes: Analyze total online revenue on timeframes like monthly, year-over-year, day over day, or hour over hour depending on business needs.  Comparing current sales to previous periods helps identify growth trends and seasonal shifts in consumer demand. Use revenue benchmarks to set future goals.
  • Full funnel conversions: Monitor website conversion rates from initial traffic through purchases. Evaluate landing page success, product page add-to-cart adoption and checkout completion percentages. Finding friction points helps boost customer acquisition.
  • Order value and size: Keep track of both average order value (AOV) and average cart size over time, segmented by marketing channel, discount code and other factors. Look for trends tied to various campaigns and promotions.
  • Sales by product category: Determine highest-selling product groupings and watch for changes in demand. Assign inventory budgets, marketing focus and merchandising priorities based on category performance data and forecasts.
  • Seasonal and promotional trends: Review sales numbers during peak holiday events or promotional periods. Compare sales events versus non-events and establish baseline performance expectations for future years to plan inventory, staffing and promotions.

Armed with historical sales analytics, ecommerce brands can set accurate forecasts, highlight opportunities in certain categories, align inventory levels and bolster conversion rates through bottlenecks. Centralized reporting offers a clear view of overall sales health and emerging patterns to exploit. The analytics experts at Creatives On Call leverage predictive modeling to identify trends and future demand shifts.

Thorough sales performance analytics provides the baseline indicators of business health quarter over quarter. But beyond just monitoring past transactions, savvy retailers also use predictive modeling to anticipate future trends and consumer demand shifts to stay nimble. By tapping into Creatives On Call’s team of analytics advisors, brands access both implementation of reporting frameworks to track KPIs as well as strategic guidance to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Data either anchors businesses comfortably in the past or propels them confidently towards growth.

Shopper Insights and Intelligence

While overall sales figures measure revenue growth, customer data reporting provides crucial context behind purchases. Analyzing metrics around shopper types, geographic data and on-site interactions reveals why people buy, how experiences could improve and opportunities in certain segments.

Key aspects include:

  • New versus loyal shoppers: Track the percentage of first-time purchasers compared to repeat customers over time. High loyalty means you’re keeping shoppers happy. Low new visitor rates may signal problems attracting shoppers initially.
  • Abandoned cart rates: Measure when customers put items in their cart but don’t complete the purchase. High abandonment points to confusion with paying or lack of trust. Reviewing shopping steps helps.
  • Where customers are located: Pay attention to geographic data on purchases to see if certain products sell better or worse in different cities, states or countries. This helps guide marketing locally.

Ecommerce brands risk sales stagnation without understanding evolving customer preferences, relationships with offerings and indicators of satisfaction levels. Visitor behavior analytics connects the dots between broad revenue numbers and individuals’ motivations. Together with holistic reporting, behavior insights ensure retailers provide relevant, personalized experiences that drive sustainable long-term retention and satisfaction.

By partnering with the customer intelligence experts at Creatives On Call, brands can fully leverage shopper insights and analytics to implement the optimal combination of custom-tailored products, experiences and incentives.

Marketing Analytics

Determining the true return from marketing initiatives allows ecommerce businesses to fund what works — and cut what doesn’t. At Creatives On Call, our retail digital strategists and consultants can assist retailers in tracking investment costs tied directly to sales generated across channels like email, paid ads, referrals and content, which leads to smart budget decisions.

Marketing analytics provides actionable data on:

  • Overall channel profitability: Quantify revenue beyond guesses with attribution modeling.
  • Campaign performance: Concretely measure email, promo code or partnership outcomes.
  • Year-over-year trends: Evaluate channel mix changes and optimize accordingly.
  • Customer value by source: Double down on high-value acquisition avenues.

Instead of assuming based on theories or intuition, digital media budgets flow to demonstrably productive areas when ecommerce brands enlist analytics advisors like the ones at Creatives On Call. Our retail marketing specialists leverage reporting to optimize channel mix for efficiency. Compelling content drives organic growth; successful affiliate programs attract valuable audiences without heavy lifting.

For fashion-focused ecommerce brands, leveraging the power of our visually stunning fashion lookbooks can take marketing strategies to the next level. By curating collections in an artistic and visually appealing format, brands can captivate their audience, drive engagement and inspire purchases.

Continuously improving the allocation of funds across marketing channels based on actual data results in increased revenue and lower costs over time. Businesses gain facts to justify growing commitments to channels with proven traction — such as increased funding for a high-engagement Instagram strategy.

CTA: Creatives On Call’s Ecommerce Experts Can Help Take Marketing Data to the Next Level

Monitoring Traffic and Engagement

Understanding exactly how people navigate an ecommerce site is invaluable for guiding visitors to products and encouraging purchases. Connecting analytics to sales outcomes directly boosts revenue.

Crucial metrics highlight strengths, issues and improvement opportunities around:

  • Total site traffic and source breakdowns.
  • Landing page entry points and on-site heatmaps.
  • Bounce rates and session duration for engagement.
  • Product detail page views/add-to-cart rates.
  • Platform speed and mobile experience tests.

For example, discovering one blog post drives 10x more conversions than others spotlights content to produce more of. Or consistent high exit rates from a category page could indicate issues with filters. Resolution converts more casual visitors into loyal buyers.

Ongoing enhancement of site experiences through analytics testing pays off in the form of surging new buyers, greater retention, and reduced effort required to sustain growth with the help of specialist teams like those at Creatives On Call. Our consultants use tools to see how visitors navigate pages, analyze shopping cart abandonment issues and test web page design variations to increase sales.

Optimizing Fulfillment and Finance With Data

Efficient behind-the-scenes operations directly enable ecommerce merchants to delight customers with reliable delivery and support. By connecting precise supply chain metrics to sales patterns and optimizing expenses step-by-step, retailers protect margins.

Creatives On Call recommends tracking this key data:

  • Inventory management: Current inventory coverage to meet customer demand
  • Manufacturing and delivery timelines: Production lead times and overseas vs. domestic shipping flexibility
  • Demand forecasting and planning: Analyzing sales trends and historical spikes
  • Logistics partner benchmarking: Carrier performance variations to balance cost and reliability
  • Minimizing lost transactions: Payment acceptance rates to quantify and address issues

Consider a digitally native jewelry business seeing 25% monthly growth. Accurately projected inventory needs to prevent necklaces from selling out or requiring emergency air freight. Verified environmentally friendly packing keeps brand promises. Streamlined checkout conversions drive sales higher.

Smooth operations create seamless buying journeys. When analytics provides the compass for long-term optimization, retailers control their destiny.

CTA: Let Creatives On Call Help You Collect and Analyze Key Ecommerce Data Needed for Growth

The Powerful Benefits of Ecommerce Reporting

Business success today requires making confident decisions backed by reliable data — rather than best guesses alone. This is especially crucial for high-growth ecommerce brands navigating complex challenges around fickle consumer demand, rising digital marketing costs and fierce competition. By implementing centralized ecommerce reporting, coupled with data visualization techniques, online retailers unlock a valuable competitive advantage.

Specifically, leading analytics programs like Creatives On Call’s enhance retailers in numerous ways, including:

Driving Revenue Growth

With benchmarking and trend analysis of historical conversions across the customer journey, ecommerce stores can scientifically optimize weak points and leverage patterns. Rather than theorize on impact, proposed changes become testable hypotheses using past data. Continual optimization and testing compounds customer lifetime value (CLV).

Streamlining Operations and Costs

Detailed tracking of back-end expense and supply chain metrics enables fact-based steps to control overheads. Identifying unnecessary agency fees, high-cost inventory items or shipping inefficiencies is impossible without accurate reporting. In the long term, operational analytics directly bolsters margins.

Informing Business Strategy

Access to emerging consumer segments, consolidation market share trends and predictive demand models gives executives a vision of future opportunities — then the time required to capitalize. Analytics reduces the risks associated with bold strategic moves or new initiatives.

Empowering Informed Decisions

Rather than relying on intuition, biased small samples or outdated frameworks, analytics paints an empirical picture for stakeholders to confidently move forward. Missteps from outdated notions waste resources, whereas data and reporting provide ground truth.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Individual shopper patterns, precise multichannel touches and CLV changes highlight nuanced ways to enhance loyalty. By tapping into Creatives On Call’s team of advanced customer intelligence experts, retailers can fully capitalize on analytics to systematically test tailored incentives, customized products and targeted content enhancements with various audience segments. This unlocks real differentiation in competitive markets.

For ecommerce businesses looking to make a lasting impression beyond the digital realm, investing in custom trade show displays from Creatives On Call can be a strategic move. Our displays not only showcase products but also create immersive brand experiences, making your brand memorable in the crowded exhibition landscape.

Centralized data and analytics transform retail decisions into confident, calculated choices that accelerate growth. Don’t leave your ecommerce results up to chance — start unlocking the power of metrics to build a category-leading brand. The retail consultants and digital strategists at Creatives On Call can partner with you to plan a data-driven ecommerce website and implement customized reporting dashboards for smarter decision-making.

Ecommerce Reporting With Creatives On Call

As an industry-leading marketing and creative consultancy, Creatives On Call helps businesses by identifying unique needs and assembling cross-functional teams of specialists. Our goal is efficient, expert guidance on any business challenge. With over 15,000 associates, we deploy powerful, customized solutions aligned to each client’s objectives. We have launched hundreds of initiatives and partnered with organizations across industries to help achieve strategic goals, leveraging insights and innovative execution.

Our approach provides a data-driven understanding of target consumers to inform winning strategies that elevate brands through creative marketing and optimized operations. We tap on-demand experts to formulate plans to attract and convert customers. Teams adopt emerging technologies to drive evolution in sync with client needs, supported by continuous skills development. The result: Businesses reach the right audiences and accelerate growth powered by experience and excellence.

Contact us today to learn how our expert marketing and retail services can empower your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important ecommerce metrics to track?

Focus reporting on total revenue, conversion rates across your sales funnel, AOV, website traffic volume and sales by acquisition channel as core metrics. Creatives On Call recommends monitoring these areas over time as a baseline and ensuring daily or weekly reports are distributed to keep all teams aligned on performance.

How often should I review ecommerce reports?

Check your dashboards at minimum monthly to spot trends quarter over quarter. Doing only yearly reviews misses critical seasonal shifts. But also compare weekly during peak seasons or for tests to track impact in real-time. Set calendar reminders to revisit key reports on a recurring schedule.

How can reports improve our customer experience?

Visitor behavioral analytics reveals gaps in experience, while lifecycle metrics show who to reward or reengage. Use data to delight. By constantly improving pain points in the purchase journeys and crafting tailored incentives, merchants drive greater retention and loyalty.

How can I use this data to improve my store?

Ecommerce analytics transform decisions from guesses to calculated recommendations backed by historical data. The data analysts at Creatives On Call can assist you in comparing changes over time and testing new initiatives against key metrics. This helps prioritize resources on what delivers results. Foster an analytics-driven culture focused on continuous optimization using reports and experimentation.

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