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Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare With Creatives On Call

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Healthcare Industry Expertise

What Is Healthcare Digital Marketing?

Healthcare digital marketing leverages online channels to promote medical facilities, services, treatments and more to potential patients and healthcare partners. The overarching goals remain the same as other industries — driving brand awareness, generating leads and building loyalty.

However, healthcare marketing strategies must cater to very specific audiences while adhering to industry regulations around privacy and ethical standards. This makes expertise and experience paramount when crafting messaging and campaigns.

Creatives On Call has a team of healthcare subject matter experts (SMEs) specializing in tailored healthcare marketing initiatives spanning:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) content writing that educates site visitors on conditions, treatments and provider bios
  • Video testimonials that bring patient stories to life
  • Email nurturing sequences that guide prospects from awareness to conversion
  • Healthcare operational strategy design that helps medical facilities improve systems and processes
  • Empathetic social media community management
  • Accessible website design that meets The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance guidelines
  • Targeted pay-per-click (PPC) ads that increase clinical trial enrollment

Our teams couple an agile approach with established healthcare brand guidelines to produce Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant assets that stretch across the patient journey.

The Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital has transformed how healthcare organizations attract, engage and retain patients. In an industry where reputation and relationships are everything, digital marketing is crucial.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Healthcare consumers expect personalized, omnichannel experiences that cater to their preferences. Facilities that fail to deliver flexible engagement may see patients take their business elsewhere.

Creatives On Call can help implement critical capabilities like:

  • User-centric websites with intuitive user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) design that guide patients and prospects through interactions.
  • Robust self-service features for booking appointments or accessing medical records.
  • Cross-device responsive interfaces.
  • Integrated patient portals to message care teams, refill prescriptions and view test results.
  • Online bill pay and financial assistance applications.
  • Accessible page elements that meet ADA compliance for disabled individuals.
  • Chatbots that gather basic patient info ahead of visits to maximize face time with providers.

Together, these digital conveniences allow patients and prospects to digest information and engage on their terms to drive loyalty.

Reducing Cost Per Patient Acquisition

Patient acquisition cost (PAC) remains one of the highest customer acquisition cost (CAC) line items hampering profitability. However, digital marketing reaches potential patients already searching for related care and primed for conversion.

Creatives On Call executes targeted initiatives like:

  • Audience research to build detailed buyer personas of those likely seeking specific solutions.
  • Educational content across blogs, videos and social media that drives organic visibility.
  • Retargeting past site visitors with specialized appointment booking offers.
  • Email nurture sequences to keep your brand top of mind for prospects not yet sales-ready.
  • Paid search campaigns that align keyword bidding to patient urgency signals.
  • Automation that handles high funnel efforts to allow sales reps to focus on late-stage closes.
  • These provide motivated potential patients while reducing manual overhead.

Raising Patient Awareness

Many healthcare organizations aim to increase early detection and preventative action around conditions through greater community outreach. Digital marketing drives increased awareness by:

  • Launching social campaigns customized around target demographics and risk factors where messaging has the greatest chance of resonating.
  • Utilizing healthcare infographic design to create engaging graphics that display risk factors, preventative steps and associated resources in easily digestible visual formats.
  • Partnering with advocacy groups to co-promote screening events, webinars or fundraisers that expand reach.
  • Creating quizzes that assess predisposition to certain diseases, encouraging next-step conversations with physicians about observing signs.
  • Providing healthcare illustration services to communicate complex medical concepts through art and visual cues.

Creatives On Call develops multichannel campaigns targeted at informing the patients that need it most.

Expanding Healthcare Accessibility

Telemedicine and at-home healthcare solutions require digital marketing expertise as adoption moves mainstream. We offer accessible digital marketing initiatives like:

  • Optimizing sites for search visibility around serviceable locations or condition treatment offerings.
  • Producing SEO-rich content that details the patient experience and health benefits.
  • PPC geo-targeted ads that drive appointments.
  • Chatbot integrations that qualify needs for follow-up telesales booking.
  • Retargeting ads for visitors who left without converting.
  • Patient portal builds that allow existing individuals easy virtual access.

Increasing Patient Referrals

When today’s consumers choose healthcare solutions, they turn first to recommendations from those they trust — friends, family and acquaintances. Digital marketing fuels advocacy.

Creatives On Call executes:

  • Ongoing social listening for brand mentions, hashtags and tags.
  • Follow-up nurture sequences that check in on satisfaction post-care.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys that gauge loyalty.
  • Reviews collection pop-ups on websites that gather positive feedback.
  • Partnership outreach around co-promotion opportunities.
  • Referral rewards programs that incentivize word-of-mouth.

The most resonant validation comes directly from happy patients. Our teams simply make it easy to spread your message.

Optimizing Internal Operations

While digital marketing programs often focus on patient-facing initiatives, healthcare providers can also leverage technology to refine internal systems and processes. Solutions we have deployed to streamline operations include:

  • Knowledge management platforms that centralize policies, protocols, guidelines and training content for easy access.
  • Online assessment and skills check tools that gauge competencies for everything from soft skills to clinical capabilities.
  • Learning management systems (LMSs) that facilitate workforce development through on-demand healthcare e-learning modules, virtual instructor-led sessions and robust reporting on development goals.
  • Digital workflow documentation that reduces human error rates and compliance risk.
  • Inventory and supply chain automation that balances stock across facilities while smoothing ordering.

Whether working with leadership to identify high-impact areas for transformation or executing technical integrations hands-on, Creatives On Call couples strategic vision with flawless execution to turn ideas into reality. The result? Healthcare organizations exceeding growth goals through optimized operations and improved models of care.

Our Healthcare Marketing Approach

The healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical industries are undergoing radical changes due to government reforms, consumerization and new technologies, transforming relationships between patients, payors, physicians and providers.

For resource-strapped healthcare marketers balancing regulation requirements and lengthy internal approval workflows, expanding marketing capacity can feel impossible. That’s where bringing on specialized Creatives On Call talent pays dividends. Our on-demand access to healthcare marketing experts helps scale initiatives without the overhead, facilitating agility even on tight budgets. We provide tailored, niche-specific and intelligent solutions across the healthcare industry and truly understand how to create solutions that are engaging to patients and other stakeholders.

Key Differentiators

150+ Leading Healthcare Organizations Improved Performance Metrics

We have guided over 150 leading healthcare companies to achieve measurable improvements in their performance metrics. We couple analytical rigor with an imaginative vision to directly impact the metrics most critical to our partners – whether that means acquiring new patients, optimizing appointment scheduling or successfully launching telehealth platforms. Our collaborative teams pinpoint growth opportunities and implement proven strategies for improvement, allowing healthcare organizations to surpass benchmarks.

500+ Strategic Healthcare Marketing and Creative Initiatives Launched

Our expert teams have launched over 500 data-driven healthcare marketing and creative initiatives since 2020. Each initiative balances emotion with analytics around KPIs like patient acquisition, appointment bookings, readmissions and more. These initiatives encompass a wide range of strategies, from branding and digital marketing to campaign launches and patient experience optimization. We take pride in intimately understanding each healthcare client’s distinct priorities, challenges, systems and objectives so we can develop customized roadmaps catered to your unique needs.

1,200+ Healthcare Subject Matter Experts

Our network includes over 1,200 on-demand healthcare subject matter experts spanning specialties from cardiology to orthopedics and more. We assemble custom teams mixing capabilities around systems analysis, emotional intelligence, technical integration and creative execution. This multidisciplinary approach delivers human-centric solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Leverage

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy aligns initiatives to overarching healthcare business goals while optimizing budget across the most effective patient acquisition and retention channels. Rather than wasting efforts on untested tactics, our experts tailor execution to data-backed, high-return on investment (ROI) strategies customized to your needs. This targeted approach makes the most of limited resources. Creatives On Call and our healthcare marketing professionals have extensive experience deploying successful digital campaigns, including:

Content Marketing

Educational yet engaging blogs, articles, videos and more build SEO visibility while establishing thought leadership. Creatives On Call content marketing follows conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices to turn website visitors into patients.

Our healthcare content strategy services focus on informing and nurturing at every stage, whether someone is just learning about a condition or already exploring treatment options. We research target buyer personas to deliver personalized content that matches patient needs. Industry-specific topics cover telehealth benefits, insurance specifics, new advancements in precision medicine and more.

From awareness to consideration and decision stages, our expert healthcare copywriters, designers and strategists create SEO-optimized landing pages, comparison materials, doctor bios, procedure explainers and other helpful assets.

Video Marketing

Bringing patient stories and physician expertise to life makes connections on an emotional level while showcasing health outcomes. Short social videos raise awareness while overcoming geographic limitations.

Our healthcare video production experts develop customized content that informs and engages specific audiences. Patient testimonials lend credibility and emotion, while thought-leadership interviews highlight provider competencies. Animated condition explainers simplify complex topics to motivate action, and behind-the-scenes footage gives a transparent look at facility operations and safety measures. YouTube ads geo-target interested searchers. Whatever the goal, compelling visual storytelling leaves a powerful impression.

Educational Email Content

Our personalized email nurturing sequences dig deep to understand subscriber challenges, interests and questions around managing specific conditions. We then craft customized content that speaks directly to those concerns, providing relatable healthcare solutions from trusted local providers. As potential patients demonstrate readiness to schedule appointments, seamless integrations automatically trigger warm sales hand-offs to close conversions. This end-to-end automation enables staff to focus their efforts on high-touch patient relationships rather than top-of-funnel lead generation.

Our lifecycle programs couple dynamic content with intelligent triggers to automatically move subscribers towards conversions based on behaviors and activity. Sequences educate on conditions, explore treatment options, drive appointments and much more. Integrations with email service providers (ESPs) like MailChimp, HubSpot and Marketo make deployment seamless. Full-service design and reporting capabilities produce campaigns that exceed industry benchmarks.

Reputation Management

Monitoring review sites and social media channels highlights areas of excellence while surfacing potential issues early on. Added responses then showcase compassion.

Continuous online listening also informs outreach strategies. We engage beneficially across networks to boost positive visibility and reinforce competency. When critiques arise, thoughtful replies reestablish goodwill through transparent communication. Reporting identifies recurring themes that require internal process fixes versus isolated incidents. As a result, healthcare organizations win reputations that match their exceptional care.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing on-page elements around relevant searcher intent drives organic visibility for valuable healthcare content. Link-building expands domain authority.

Our SEO services begin with technical site audits that check page speed, security protocols, indexing issues and more. We research target keyword terms with high traffic and low difficulty to inform content production. Blogs, videos, condition guides and other assets then incorporate semantic markup that tells search engines what each section means. Accessibility fixes ensure maximal indexing. Off-site content marketing, partnerships and public relations (PR) secure backlinks from trusted industry websites.

Social Media Engagement

Catering messaging to platform strengths expands reach to interested audiences while humanizing providers through real-time interactions. Our copywriting services for healthcare focus on empathy, expertise and value.

We craft social posts, stories and reels that showcase physician credentials, awards and patient outcomes. Community management responds to comments and messages with compassion. Paid boosting targets relevant demographics and interests using air-tight privacy controls to drive organic word-of-mouth.

Website Design

User-centric calls-to-action (CTAs), mobile responsiveness and ADA compliance enhance prospects’ abilities to digest information, book appointments and complete forms.

Our UX experts couple user research with intuitive information architecture structuring to reduce bounce rates and speed task completion. We storyboard responsive page layouts guiding visitors seamlessly from awareness to conversion across devices. Our healthcare web design experts code semantic, accessible sites that meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 while securing HIPAA compliance through managed hosting, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and stringent development protocols.

Consistent Branding

Uniform messaging and visual identity recognition across channels build credibility through professional presentations. Our brand strategy for healthcare includes auditing touchpoints like websites, patient intake forms, appointment reminders, social channels and more to align tone, verbiage and design.
This consistency gets reinforced through location signage as well as branded collateral design like patient information packets, welcome kits, flyers and brochures. When every small touch builds familiarity, healthcare consumers buy into your focused expertise and quality care.

Personalized Ad Campaigns

Serving custom offers based on demographics, behaviors and care interests targets high-intent individuals who resonate with messaging. We help build tailored audiences who see relevant promotions across networks when and where they’re most receptive.

Retargeting engages previous visitors while lookalike modeling discovers their “twin” prospects. CTAs match intent levels from driving appointments to lead generation. Assets showcase unique specialties through emotional patient stories and physician experience. With privacy top of mind, we only remarket to analytics-driven segments primed to take the next steps.

Marketing Analytics

Connecting planning to performance through ROI tracking identifies effective channels and messages to optimize. Testing then doubles down on winners.

Our analysts set up customer relationship management (CRM), web, ad and social tracking to provide holistic visibility into multichannel campaigns. Clear key performance indicators (KPIs) connect spending to conversions. Custom dashboards surface insights and trends, producing strategy pivots backed by data. We run multivariate and A/B experiments that optimize creative, offers and placements. Automated reporting keeps teams accountable to benchmarks through transparency.

Industry Expertise

Creatives On Call can provide curated engagement teams and specialty resources that are designed to improve your operations, meet your KPI targets and help you serve your patients better.

We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Dental Services
  • Home Healthcare
  • Primary Care and Specialized Medical Services
  • Health Insurance and Managed Care
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Longer-Term Care Facilities
  • Public and Community Health
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  • Medical Laboratories and Research
  • Digital Health and Health Technology

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What are some challenges healthcare marketers face?

Healthcare digital marketing must balance conveying expertise while adhering to industry regulations around privacy and ethical standards. Small teams often lack specialized resources to create compliant messaging and campaigns with the frequency required to drive results in such a competitive landscape.

How can digital marketing help my healthcare organization?

Digital marketing helps healthcare facilities enhance patient experience, reduce the cost of patient acquisition, build brand affinity and increase referrals. Strategies like educational content, empathetic online reputation management and marketing analytics provide data to optimize efforts. Leveraging specialists like those within the Creatives On Call team allows you to exceed patient expectations.

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