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Content Management (CMS) Strategy

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Content Management (CMS) Consulting

Effectively Managing the Complexity of Content Management

The responsibility of managing content, especially in large organizations, is often a shared discipline across departments. However, developing a system for creating, editing, publishing, searching, scanning, and storing this content is a complex undertaking that requires the expertise of a content management consultant. 

The content must be accessible and manageable through a content management system (CMS) so all teams can collaborate and share resources. It’s also a critical tool for sales and marketing because the right CMS will track customer and prospect journeys and behaviors to better inform the organization’s strategies. 

But many organizations aren’t sure where or how to start. At Creatives On Call, our content management consultants focus on finding the right solutions for organizations seeking more control over how, what, and when content is organized, created, and published across its content channels. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your current and future needs to develop the right CMS digital solutions for your teams.  

Understanding the Acronyms: The Difference Between CMS, WCMS, and ECM

If you’re responsible for managing your organization’s content management system, you’ve likely come across multiple acronyms while searching for solutions to meet your needs. Here is a quick breakdown to help you better understand each system.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is an overarching system used to create, manage, and store digital content. It is often divided into web content management and enterprise content management.

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

A subset of CMS is a web content management system (WCMS). This is an online system focused on publishing, sharing, and measuring website content.

Enterprise Content Management System (ECM)

Another subset of CMS is an enterprise content management system (ECM). ECM systems often include the software, strategies, and security needed to manage content effectively. It focuses mostly on processing documents vs. how to create, manage, or deliver content.

Benefits of Content Management Consulting

Determining what type of management system is needed is just the tip of the iceberg. Evaluating how to organize and manage the content for technical and non-technical users can be overwhelming. From creating, storing, and managing digital content to developing a seamless content-sharing system, a content management expert will bring a fresh perspective and the knowledge needed to develop a CMS, WCMS and/or ECM strategy that works for your organization. Benefits of content management consulting include:

  • Streamlining content into one single system for better control over what’s published.
  • Eliminating rogue content that can be off-brand and non-strategic.
  • Ensuring control over centralized editing and template building.
  • Generating better collaboration across departments.

Make Your Content Easy to Access and Use

Putting content management processes and systems in place is meaningless if they’re cumbersome to use. Making your content easy to access is the only way to create a successful. Our team will help you:

  • Rethink your business processes. Our content management consultants will sit down with your team to rethink processes and find the right solutions that will work for your unique needs.

  • Import large volumes of content efficiently. Wrangling the content you have today is no easy task. Our team will help you find, organize, and manage the existing content throughout your organization so your assets will be centralized from the start.

  • Content Export Services. Our team will make sure exporting content in various formats is fast and easy for technical and non-technical users.

Why Work with Us?

Our content management experts at Creatives On Call have decades of experience. They’ll work with your team to understand your needs and keep your content goals in mind as they develop a solution that benefits your organization. They’ll help develop an ECM solution, which might include:

  • A content management strategy and game plan.
  • The integration of the right CMS that fits your teams’ needs.
  • The development of custom modules and/or plugins.
  • Content migration across departments.
  • Content management workflows.
  • Social integration tools and resources.

How We Can Help

We have a team of experts focused on enterprise content management services. We will scale up or scale down depending on your project needs. We can provide ongoing assistance support for long-term projects or support and improve your existing team. We’re here to support your content management consulting needs from strategy to execution and fill any internal talent void you may be experiencing.

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