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Meet Ashley Fidler!

Posted: | Author: for Creatives On Call

Ashley Fidler.

Meet Ashley Fidler! In December, we welcomed Ashley to the Creatives On Call team as the Chief of Client Services. This is a new role on our team which will support relationship growth with our Clients looking for Creatives on projects, teams and other opportunities! As assistant to the Executive Vice President of Client Services, Ashley will help drive business development strategy, lead generation, presentations, and on-going management as well as facilitation. 

We’re also thrilled that Ashley has the opportunity to wear many hats at Creatives On Call. She spent five years in Digital Marketing and Product Management roles supporting executive level sales with Fortune 500 clients and then more recently honed Project Management skills in the finance industry with UBS. 

Ashley graduated from Berea College in central Kentucky with a Business Management degree. Her husband and their dog, Lillie (a German Shepard/Black Lab Mix) recently moved from Nashville, TN to Cincinnati/Northern KY area to be closer to family and friends. Ashley enjoys trying local restaurants, craft breweries, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats and watching all things Star Wars related.

Next time you’re at a Creatives On Call event, come say hi! 

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