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Mobile Mentality for the Little Guy

Cincinnati, OH | Posted: 03/05/2018 | Author: Stuart Koenig for Creatives On Call

Mobile Mentality for the Little Guy

In today’s world everything is literally at your fingertips. The smartphone has made unlimited information accessible to anyone in the space of a few seconds, and smart businesses know how to take advantage of that connectivity. The mobile platform is always evolving and increasingly competitive, so even the smaller fish are jumping into the pond. The tools for a small business to have mobile presence are easily accessible nowadays, and coupled with the right knowledge any business can effectively make their name in the mobile world. Keep the following in mind when building mobile so that shared business growth will be at your fingertips.

Timing – You’ve got 3 seconds. Make them count. That’s right, studies show that if it takes longer than 3 seconds for a page to load, a site will lose half their viewers. This makes load time and responsivity a top priority, determining where you end up on a search result. Stay on top of your platform from the outside as well as the inside to address any issues or delays, and make updates as your site evolves and grows.

The timing issue needs to be addressed not only on your mobile platform but the website itself, as the two are connected. As your mobile platform should incorporate the look and feel of your site (not necessarily in margins and spacing, but in style), it should also mimic performance and recognition. Ultimately your site and mobile should be optimized in one interconnected, responsive design that keeps customers engaged with very little down time.

Priority – Quick response time is great, but only if they’re getting the information they want. Mobile viewing is confined to the screen of a smartphone, so have the most important info hit them first. A strong mobile layout determines their interest, makes an impression, and answers the most important question – why did I visit this page? For smaller companies this is even more of a challenge. You need to not only define the services you offer, but also introduce yourself to visitors and the community at large. Prioritizing information, goals, and calls to action in such a confined space will make or break your mobile presence.

Creativity – As stated, your mobile presence doesn’t have to look exactly like your site, but you need the feel and style to be similar. That means getting creative with your branding. Be memorable, while still having a cohesive flow throughout the experience. Demonstrating a creative flair will make your mobile experience one that people remember.

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